x marks the spot

You don’t mean much to me now and I don’t think you ever will.

– x-friend

..and just like that four years of warmth, laughter, fondness, care, the music, lyrics, the visuals, the good times and bad, the words, the emotion, the excitement, the value of the time spent together and the person is wiped clean.

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11 replies on “x marks the spot”
  1. says: Aakarsh

    Ex-friend is such an oxymoron! If its a friend, there cant be Ex. And if Ex can be prefixed, that person was probably never a friend in first place!
    Strangest is not the world, but people!

  2. says: SK

    Awwwww! :–(
    Well atleast some people are direct. What about plain ignoring, like there was nothing wrong? :–(

    well, let me just say you are not alone?
    And such people are not worthy of a post :–D

  3. says: mlc

    u knw what? A true friend and a true friendship/relationship can NVR die.. neithr of u WILL B ABLE to call it off.. if ther REALLY was truth in the relationship, tht is .. in yr case it looks like ther was nothin, and am sayn this lookn @ how easily it died ..
    gd fr u tht u wl nt b “wastng” any more of yr precious time w/ tht prsn .. go hv a nice big cup of hot choc. while listening to yr old fav songs and ENJOY it to the last drop!!!

  4. says: sonu

    how you would feel if the friendship was not just 4 year old but a 16 year old? Been there, done that…. Still getting over it but feeling better a bit. I realise these days it was never meant to be in the first place but time’s lost to make any amends and not be hurt. Learnt a little lession – Life comes at you fast! Take it as it comes 🙂 Cheer up. You got a good blog going on.

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