2020 January Habit: Reading Books

Reading as a habit in 2020 January's challenge

I was a bookworm. Like a reading books kinda worm. No, really. I was a silent bookworm, very intent and busy in the pages. Through my childhood. teenager years and up until I became a mom, I was a bookworm. I have happy memories and visions of me in a corner, head bent down into my tucked knees, pouring over a book.

Then I fell off the wagon and hard.

I got on a few times, and I rode it fine, but every time I fell, it took superhuman strength to get back on and stay on. I could blame the advent of social media, twitter and blogging and the ease of reading quick short bytes of words. Interestingly, it wouldn’t be an excuse either, coz that’s the way life and environment was and continues to be.


Following the earlier post on why am attempting to cultivate a habit each month the Matt way – I had to think long and hard. Not that I didn’t have a habit or a change I wanted to adopt, but that I had too many! I also needed clarity on how to choose one that will get me to a good start and motivate me to chug on energetically.

The fact that I don’t read BOOKS as much as I should is on the top of my list and something that’s bothering me so much! I see myself as a bookworm and not to be that, was affecting me. Inside. I figured it was time. Time to dust the books off the shelves and delve deeper into the calmness of the words. To be able to imagine and to take solace in the worlds they create. To relish the words and how magical they can truly be.

So the goal is to read a few pages a day. I am not quantifying it more than that simply because some books take longer/ shorter than others and I need to enter this in a way that sustains with time.

They say it takes 61 days for a habit to form (gone are the 21 days, and rightly so with all the distractions) and so it will be 2 months before I start feeling one with the books, and if I do it daily.

I am all over!

If you are on Goodreads, I intend updating there as well. I have a separate tag called Books2020 and you should get the list there as well. Okay then!


Today is Jan 29th 2010:

YES, that’s SIX frikking books that I have read cover to cover, without skipping! Not all tiny and quick, but fairly substantial length, so am thrilled! The last 4 were read on the kindle that I dusted off and powered and am glad,. It is true that the speed increases when you read on kindle, and also coz of that, I was reading the books on the Cloud reader as well, doing a few pages at a time while at work.

I know I will continue reading and am so glad I got on this monthly habit 🙂

Now on to February 2020 but first, here’s a post on HOW TO GET BACK ON THE READING BANDWAGON, if you so choose.

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