42 days


  1. Warm glass of water with lemon and honey
  2. Coffee with 1/2 spoon of sugar
  3. Bulgar wheat upma with veggies
  4. 2nd glass of water
  5. 3rd glass of water
  6. 1/2 cup of leftover sambar rice
  7. 1 cup of Dole diced peaches (rinsed to remove syrup)
  8. 4th glass of water
  9. 1 bowl of grapes
  10. 1 slice of leftover CPK’s japanese eggplant pizza
  11. Desi ginger chai
  12. 5th glass of water
  13. 10 soaked almonds spread throughout the day
  14. 1 bowl of soup ( green beans, soya beans, chickpeas, lentils, carrots, peas, corn and onion)
  15. 1 slice of whole wheat baguette 
  16. 6th glass of water 
Cracked Wheat Upma
Cracked Wheat Upma

Usual dinner time is between 7.30-8.00 depending on activities, a couple go beyond, but we try and eat together at the same time if we can help it. Decided we should start eating by 7 pm, since it’s getting dark and cold earlier and it would just all of us settle down before we hit bed. 

Went to the gym in pouring cold rain with temps below freezing. Son decided he’d join me and it sure was funny seeing him jump all over the machines. Like a bunny he went hop skip on all various kinds with his earplugs in place and 5 minutes on each elliptical, bike, treadmill. Then he must have tried every weight equipment there is at that place clanking away while shifting weights and laughing at himself!

The place was empty as it was Sunday and a horrid one at that. Biked for 15 minutes, at level 4 and went 1.8 miles. I did go slower this time and I think this pace is good for now as I’ve upped the time anyway. Will keep this for a bit and then up the level/speed. Loving machines all over again. Did 2 sets of leg press, ab torso rotaton, abs bend, chest press (2), and thigh adduction and abduction. Giving weights a break tomorrow and go swim instead.

Signed myself up for Pilates class Thursday evenings at the REC center. The last time I did it for a few months and couldn’t continue as timings clashed, I saw results in one month and I do not exaggerate. Figured Yoga class would be nice too, but not getting over-enthusiastic and then go crash and burn. Will see how this stretch goes.

In that regard, there’s this lovely must-read article in Experience magazine on how to kickstart and work your way through the following year for all fitness levels. More on the motivation and staying on track aspect than tailoring specifics on what to do. That each figures out for themselves, as we know our bodies best and nee dto act sensibly. What works for Jane woudn’t work for Janani. *pat pat, what a line eh? 😉 *

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4 replies on “42 days”
  1. says: naren

    Go, Rads! I’ve started hitting the gym too, though in my case it is more guilt driven than anything. (I’ve been living a sinful life)

  2. says: Priya

    Oh Yeah, the Pilates work – I did those after E and the tummy does shrink. Only down side is that you have to *keep* doing them – because otherwise the tummy goes back to its former flabby glory !!


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