43 days


  1. 1st glass of warm water
  2. coffee
  3. honey bunches o oat cereal with 1% milk
  4. 2nd glass of water
  5. 1/2 pear
  6. 3rd glass of water
  7. Rye bread sandwich with veggie burger and salad with chickpeas, cucumber and lettuce. (the whole family had the same thing too!)
  8. 4th glass of water
  9. Tea – desi style 
  10. 5th glass of water 
  11. CPK’s Thai linguine (1/2 the bowl, and packed the rest for tomorrow) 
  12. 6th glass of water 

Went to the gym and biked for 12 minutes at level 4 and managed to go 1.5 miles. Apart from the torso rotate and leg press, added in a couple of more machines for abs, chest press and arms. Felt good. Came home and continued with the regular abs, and leg stretches. In all the euphoria, I started cleaning out the garage. Basically I am throwing everything out that was not used 6 months before and we will not use for the next 6 months. Feeling even better!

Watched ‘A wednesday’ last night. I must write about it. ‘Rock on’ has just started downstairs and I should probably go and watch. 

It’s been a very busy, tiring, cleaning day, with the garage looking spotless while I braved the chill despite layers and gloves, it has been productive and kept my mind off lot of other things. O, stopped by Old Navy on the way to dinner and bought a bunch of stuff. I am actually fitting into a fleece top that is a whole size smaller than what I usually buy. Very bizarre I must say. Either way, am wearing it now over a thinner cotton shirt and it is quite cozy and soft. Can’t beat a $10 warmer. 🙂

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9 replies on “43 days”
  1. says: Jaya

    Hats of to you, BTW after seeing you determination i managed to keep myself off Hieniken / carlsberg this whole thanks giving weekend. come jan 1st i am gonna follow your foot steps.

  2. says: rads

    Narain: scary? hmm..anything I write is scary eh? :p

    gds: heh 🙂

    Jaya: Yay! Absolutely,actually it isn’t hard at all. Treat meals like work 😀

  3. I’ve been reading your blog for quite sometime now and thought these ‘days’ posts were apt to comment on 😉

    I’m on a similar schedule and I have a lot more than 10 pounds to lose! 🙁 So, thanks and all that for this post 😀

    Yay! I commented, finally!

  4. says: rads

    Daisy; heh, am actually waiting for Monday *can’t believe I just said that*

    bookworm: lol, thanks 🙂

    Nandini: Yay, am so glad you decided to delurk 🙂
    I of course could lose more too, but am trying to be “reasonable” here. Short goals are hopefully workable. Yes, you have to join me tho’! 🙂

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