Week 1: 8 Week Summer Solstice Reboot

Week 1 and the beginning of easing into the 8 week summer solstice reboot - a mindful way of taking care of ourselves and our body

Hi there! Welcome to week 1 reboot of the 8-week summer solstice reboot? If you are here for the first time and have no clue what am talking about, please click the link above and read so you get an idea of what this is about. Helps with setting expectations.

Week 1:

Congratulations on deciding to start off something that I hope will be a learning experience. 🙂

Realizing what needs to be done is half the problem solved. Prep-work solves half of the other half.  And all you got left is just 25% of the original problem that actually needs doing! So, I hope you are ready to do, coz there is a guideline of a pathway that I will be putting forward and you will be able to learn to make better choices for a healthier, happier you!

Every week, I shall outline a few tasks. You will add these on to your earlier week. So, off we go!

Shopping List:

Below is a list of items that I think are essential to have before you start off. If you already have them, then that’s great. I would classify them as important items that will support you on your 8-week journey and beyond. Keep these handy and in plain sight.

  1. 1-liter water bottle (Go Green and buy a glass or a steel one).
  2. Multivitamin
  3. Kitchen scale (Digital one for $20 works just fine)
  4. Tape measure (Inch Tape)
  5. Measuring cups/spoons
  6. An account with a calorie counter app like MyFitnessPal or Cronometer
  7. Journal (can be a simple notebook or an agenda with dates on it.

Tasks For Week 1:

Task 1: Drink 3 liters of water a day. 

I know it would seem like a lot and it is a lot when we barely make a liter, and that’s why it’s important to measure and drink up. Summer is on us anyway. So get a 1-liter bottle, so it’s easier to count three with it, and add some lemon and some salt and make some nice lemonade and chug. Aim to finish 1 before lunch, next before 5 pm and then the 3rd liter before bed.

Task 2: Record Yourself

Yep, measure, weigh and record yourself.

Use that tape measure, go around your calf, hips, waist, chest, arm, and neck. Weigh yourself first thing in the morning. Then take a picture of yourself in a nice fitting tank or top and pants that show your curves. Take one facing straight and then take one from the side. Take a picture of your face, chest up.

Now open an excel spreadsheet, record all this in Week 1, file it with the pictures that you have also labeled as Week 1 and save it, somewhere accessible.

Once you do it, promise me you will not touch it till I tell you to! 🙂

Task 3: Stuff yourself 

Go have fun! Eat, drink, be merry. Go eat those fries or dosas or chaat or whatever else that your heart desires. Chug up those cocktails and the ice creams or the payasam and the rice and the laddus and every single thing that you like and love. Enjoy 🙂

Don’t forget to empty your pantry of those chips and cookies and mixture and whatever else you have got tucked in there. Eat them up, serve them, or throw them, but clean up for sure!

Task 4: Food Diary

Once you’ve created an account and downloaded the calorie counter app of your choice, record everything you are eating. Just record. Don’t worry about the calories, and macros, weights and what ifs etc, just record. Be diligent as much as you can. Eat something, record it. Get yourself into a habit. Don’t wait until the end of the day to record them, write or record it AS SOON AS YOU EAT/DRINK – Feel free to estimate and don’t worry about accuracy. This week is all about getting you into the habit of recording.

Task 5: WHY

Take some time to sit by yourself with no distractions. Take a deep breath and think long and hard. Think of WHY you are starting this reboot. Knowing your WHY is the most important part of the success of any undertaking or project. We know the why sub-consciously, but it’s important to bring it to the conscious. Write it down in your journal. I would prefer if you took the pen to the paper than type it on the laptop. You still could, but that journal that you bought is for this.

Write as much or as little as you want to, but write.



That is all the tasks for you week 1. Today is Thursday (in the USA, and EST), you may start your week either today or Friday or over the weekend, but remember to keep it consistent every week.

If you’ve stumbled upon my blog and are wondering what on earth is KETO, this is a quick recap of what it is and what you can and cannot eat and where to get more detailed and scientific proof/explanations on the lifestyle.

Rekha of Reshkitchen asked me a bunch of questions on my blogger life and food and keto, and that’s a pretty quick summary of how and why I am on this low-carb path.

Instagram is a great place to follow for quick short recipes and lifestyle – It’s the bane of social media and our current times that many prefer to keep things short and easy and so that medium is preferred a lot. I try to blog as many recipes as I can, but my foods and recipes are so simple and easy that it feels a shame to even devote a whole blog post to it.

Hashtags that I use there

#VegKetoByRads – All recipes and food related

#RadsGetsFit – Just some body-related fitness and gym stuff

#Rads8WeekReboot – all the 8 weekly posts that will walk you through getting into Keto/Low-Carb lifestyle

so, YOLO 🙂

Good Luck and I will see you next week! Contact me here or on Instagram and I’ll be happy to answer any questions from what I know.

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