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I read this blog a lot. I like the style of writing of a few of their authors, and essentially enjoy reading the different issues they bring up.
This morning I open up my favorites to see this!.

Imagine my horror – when I see Kama Sutra dolls, Heart of Hanuman, and dancer thong with the linga strategically placed! What crap! Seriously – I mean, I think someone should protest or something – remember the times when American Eagle printed Lord Ganesha on footwear? ..and the whole Indian community went up in arms?

..and then I go read that some crafty folks have taken over the site as the blog-author Manish forgot to renew the URL! Read all about it here …

Ouch, that must hurt eh? I have a cached version here of what the site used to be. I especially liked their headers. Creative and definitely very desi. I seriously hope they can fix the problem.

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  1. says: Vivhyd

    april fools day prank or not.. these kinda things have happ in the past in Europe etc.. and we just look the other way.. Makes me wonder if we are being stupid or tolerant.. esp after the whole Prophet cartoon thing.. oh tht reminds me.. things have quitened down a bit.. a big chaos and then buzz.. thts it.. if Islam is one extreme, hindu is another.. with our dont care attitude..

    I hope tht MF Hussain **** is taken care of.. he is been quite a pain..

  2. says: rads

    kaps – april fools day? Like you mean the site selling stuff is a prank, by the original authors!? hmm.. I donno, they could’ve chosen something less controversial imho. …and it still isn’t April 1st in this part of the world!

    madsies – 🙂

    vivhyd – Tolerance is a good attitude, but people should learn to differentiate between a harmless joke and a serious offending of sensibilities.
    Thanks for dropping by!

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