movie digest 2

Catching up with a few Ive seen over the weeks

1. Guru – Hindi

Liked it. Quite practical. Found the ending to be a bit rushed. Maybe it’s just me, but I felt the movie ended on a feel-good note.
Abhishek was awesome and so was Aish. Felt they mirrored the characters well… Music was good. One of those grow on you, and the picturization went well. Bit too thin for the rain song, but didn’t really affect the whole for me. Maddy was cute, too tam-bram look than what was necessary, especially when he wasn’t one 🙂

2. Borat – English.
Raw and offensive, it reminded me of an screwed up bad version of Saturday Night Live. I didnt mind it too much though, was funny in certain parts and of course the guy’s accent was the whole driving point of the movie.

3. Casino Royal. – English
Liked it. I was expecting it to be so bla after all the reviews and so what I saw was quite pleasing. If you remove “Bond” from the equation, it did make for a nice entertainer. Bond is stylish and classy, and this guy was whipped and tortured and was made to do some serious fights. Quite real it seemed.

o, he’s eye candy with clothes on 🙂

4. Munna – Telugu.
The only reason i went to see this movie last evening was to ogle at Prabhaas and to a certain extent Ileana. It is an action movie throughout and had enough holes in the story to make me wonder my $10 investment and 4 hours of my time, but Prabhaas looked good, so I didn’t come home too miffed.
The dude has everything, he has a 6′ 2″ frame, has style and can act fairly well, but he continues to select mediocre screenplays. Well, maybe soon, after all it did take 30 flops to make AB jr a success.

5. Night at the museum – English.
Was funny, and made a nice relaxing Friday evening movie. The whole concept is quite fantastic as it was hilarious and believable. Fun!

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