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Laksh of Musings wrote a list of 10 of her favorite things starting with the letter K assigned to her. After a bit of confusion, where I sulked and behaved like a juvenile hormonal teen unwittingly ragging the new girl at school, I got her to give me a letter. (I really wasn’t, but you know me. :))

She said: B, coz you remind me of bubbly!

Heh, piece of cake I figured! For anyone who’s read me a few months, it’s no secret what I love starting with B. Then of course, all good things come to a grinding halt with sound effects included, and as expected after listing 4, I got sufficiently stuck. My mind refused to budge. I even opened up the dictionary. That in itself requires patience, grit and lot of footwork. Despite having two kids who are supposed to be using the Webster’s and make it dog-eared with their continuous pouring, we do not have the faintest idea where it is in our messy home. On asking, they looked at me like I was as old a relic as the Webster’s and said: “mom, we use the dictionary online?”

In any case, now that I have traveled well over my meandering limit, and before people sigh in exasperation, let me launch into 10 of my favorite things that start with B. Can I instead just say, these are the 10 things in my life that start with a B and mean something to me at this point in time?

And o, the rules, if anyone wants a letter, please ask and I shall assign. *oo, I feel like a middle school teacher, assigning strict crazy mad science projects out to truant teens!!* O alright, don’t be such chickens. If you ask, I shall be nice, if you don’t ask, I’ll just assign you a Z, X or a Q *evil laugh*

Oh okay, I kid. 🙂

And o, I clicked all ’em pictures too! *yay* Since the latest bug in my head is the shutterbug, in case you interested, here’s where I’ve placed more of my trigger happy moments on flickr.


So, in no particular order, here are 10 of the B things I list:

1. Bubbles:
Blow a bubble, slow and gentle
Let it free, to see it soar
Here’s a theme,
Imagine the bubble as a dream


2. Bhel puri:
Tangy and sour, sweet and spicy
Just as our day should really be.


3. Black Forest Cake:
Chocolate and cherry, whipped vanilla soft
Lush and sweet decadent finesse
My love for it, I profess


4. Blue and Black:
Blue’s pure, black’s a tad obscure
A harmony of the two
Wakes me up anew.


5. Bike:
Learnt to ride the bike, when I was eight
Toppled and crushed folks despite my puny weight
Now I bike fast and harmless, yet go nowhere
Alas, wish I’d at least lose my tyre spare


6. Bangles:
Colorful and round, as they dance in their sound
Miss the daily symphony
Stuck in this western cacaphony


7. Burrito Bowl:
Mexican cuisine hits the spot
The nachos and quesos hot
A comfort food if there is
Burrito bowl it is!


8. Birthdays:
Tripping around the sun, me and you
Like we have a choice or two
Stuck on this giant green glob
Dodging wrinkles as we sob.


9. Baccalaureate:
Everyone loves a bachelor
No fun to just follow along
Decided I’d just sing instead, a new song
Baccalaureate of that thingamajigy
Where I really was meant to be.


10. Blog:
A dear friend and lover
Even my confidante
To my solace, I rush for cover.


And I am done!

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17 replies on “tag 18 – just B”
  1. says: Pavan

    1,2,7,9 rock! you played with 7’s colors? didnt know d60 had that feature like xsi (selecting elements to show up colored)

    it would be great if you would take some outdoor snaps and post them.. would complete my review hunting expedition 🙂

  2. says: Laksh

    Love your take on this and the choice of “B” words. Love the pics. Looks like the camera is being put to good use 🙂 Bubbles and Bangles are my favorite too!

  3. says: smilie

    The post was very funny….:))
    When I read Bhel Puri, Bubbles, Black Forest,Burrito Bowl, Bangles..It was nice to know somone with similar likings 🙂

  4. says: rads

    CW: hehe, Thanks. Cold, and shivering we took that. 🙂

    Smilie: heh, thanks for commenting. All those are favorites of many I guess! 🙂

    Laksh: lol, yesyes, am on a roll 😀

    Jira: Thank you 🙂

    Pavan: Oh no, I did the color through Picasa. Catch is by the time am home and done with chores, its dark. Today I took it to work, so took some there. Check flickr?

  5. says: Gayathri

    B is quite easy right. I started this tag after reading some random blog but decided not to post it. Was playing this game though today with a friend!!
    I want a letter now,Pretty please 🙂

  6. says: rads

    gauri: Thank you! Using all ops to show off 🙂

    Gayathri: Yeah, I suppose B is easy compared to O or some such. What would you like? G or P? You pick. 🙂

    Adithya: Thank you! 🙂

    Bpsk: Where have you been?!! Happy New Year to you. 🙂
    They aren’t poems, just silly little rhymes :p

  7. says: rads

    max: Maami is so much better! Thanku.
    heh, you think well. In fact I begged the Hot Breads guy to open doors at 9 pm just for that bforest piece! 🙂

    Shyam: Yeah, you know what they say about a new toy? 🙂
    Sure, that’s mighty sweet of you and gayathri to ask. Let’s give you a choice too? S or R? Don’t just use your nick/name tho 🙂

  8. says: Sands

    Nicely done Rads and a lovely set of choices. Happy New Year to you & good work on the weight loss regimen 🙂

  9. says: rads

    Vimal: LOL. Now that you have opened your mouth, here’s a letter for you! V – yes, that’s your letter 😛

    Sands: Thank you! 🙂
    hehe, so you’ve been reading on the sly eh? Well, it hasn’t been bad as I thought twud be. 🙂

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