Updated Nov 17th:

We came home last evening from the son’s scheduled tournament with smiles, a plaque and hope. The team won 1st place for their Research Project presentation. That buoyed all spirits and the boys acted like they were high on soda (which they sorta were, but that’s besides the point!) The research was all about CO2 emissions and the effct they had on our climate. They were to compare two different locales and the boys picked Fiji and US-VA. We had no idea Fiji burns their trash and that’s the primary contributor for the CO2 emissions on their side of the world! Lot more details during presentation as they were asked questions and the boys rattled numbers and spoke about presedential candidates proposals on what they were going to do towards the climate change, policy changes and their projected effects on our environment, among other things.

The robot of course went all cuckoo on the board and the son and his two close buddies on the team persevered through the day, when the rest gave up, to make it listen to them. I mean, really, it was like the horrid bad C grade sci flick, where the bots take over and have gleaming mechanical smiles as they go right and destroy buildings when all you said was “good doggie, go pick up the newspaper”. As disappointed as they were, they could have taken the setback worse, but they didn’t. That’s the whole learning experience thing I suppose, which made them forget all about the bad board and come home and play football in blustery 30 temperatures after a whole day on their feet.

It’s so much fun being a child!

I on the other hand, came home, soaked my tired aching feet and legs in the tub for 20 minutes and went right to bed.

After a dozen new gray hairs, sleepless nights with occ nightmares on bots, me losing voice with yells and screams at hapless kids, having to suddenly hold fort and guide boys on missions, as the co-coach fell sick the last two weeks, the question remains: Would I do it all over again?

Answer: Yes. Just that this time I’d be a little more wiser in forming team and up my management skills, but yes, the madness shall rule.

Thank heavens we aren’t going to States! Phew! I (more importantly the husband would walk out on the me that I would have become) wouldn’t have survived another 3 weeks of this mayhem we would have wrapped ourselves in.

Here’s an article from the Post that gives an idea on the tournaments.


Brilliant bunch o 13 year olds of which daughter is one wins the FLL Regionals with a HUGE lead. They go to the state championship. Again. The team just works unbelievably well together! 7 of the 9 of them were the original team from 4th grade on who went on to win the OM regionals, state and placed 6th at World Championship 3 years ago.

O, am just swelling with pride as I write this.

Now, that I have bragged about daughter, I shall now subdue myself, coz the son faces off tomorrow.

The bunch of boys I coached have the attention span of a mole rat caged with a lump o cheese inches next to it. Either way, especially proud of son for his attitude and perseverance for wanting to step up for some of his team members who have slacked off, and is continuing to test the bot downstairs as I type this. Hope it all goes well for his sakes tomorrow.

Rookie teams need all the encouragement they can get.

Rookie coaches on the other hand need black forest cake.

Afternoon scene at Hot Breads.

Rookie Coach: I’ll take a Black forest cake.

Hot Bread man: One or two pieces m’am?

Rookie Coach: Oh, I’ll take the whole cake.

Hot Bread man: Sure. Want me to write soemthing on it?

Rookie Coach: No, I am just going to eat it.

Hot Bread man, his assistant, chefs : HAHAHAHAHAH

Rookie Coach: hmm.. yeah.


I am a riot aren’t i?

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  1. Kangaroo-lotions to the Super-proud mom and her more-than-super-proud kids!
    LOL @ black-forest cake. Your incentive for all the effort you put in! Nice! *driveling at the word ‘black-forest cake’* ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. says: rads

    sangeetha: lol, as much as I would liked to have and am more than capable of tucking the whole 10 inch luscious thing into me, I didn’t. My older two like it as well, so yea, I shared ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. says: terri

    … am more than capable of tucking the whole 10 inch luscious thing into me,…

    Ahem, ahem, I read this before I read the comment and took it completely out of context, of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. says: kabini

    hehe, the Black Forest bit was funny – laughed out aloud because I can so picture you doing that. And the Ks are awesome, congratulations!

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