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So the new work place is fun and all that good stuff. Young folks smiling, with lots of laughter and banter around, and since the company isn’t really IT, there aren’t any desis at all. Bar one. Who sits in the next cubicle. Who thinks he’s the crown prince of all IT. Well, he’s turning out to be one classic jerk.

Thankfully we don’t really have to work together, except for a small part that I was taking over – from him. Since the dude has been around a while, he was asked to get me started off. It’s been a rough 2 weeks – and I’ve been brushing his rough demeanor and talk aside in an ernest attempt to look past it and get this thing going. His first reaction to anything I ask is “I don’t know”, I have no time”, It does not matter to me how you do it”, You do what you want, I dont have time to be with you”, “I have lots of work, I can’t do it” – and you get the drift. So, with every day I interacted with him less and less and managed just fine.

Friday, I was forced to work with him, and during the course, he says “Why, even my 4 year old son can do this. You having trouble?” That pissed me off. Completely. Had half a mind to report but figured I’d just let him be. After all i had nothing to prove to him.

So as is the case with small companies, I mentioned it to the Ukranian, who works with me in the break room, and she in turn told the Bostonian, who told the Brazilian who told the Dutch. Now the Dutch colleague is a lawyer. Compliances and Regulatory policies but still a lawyer. She marched up to me today and told me that she would be reporting the incident and that it needs to be addressed, and that they’ve been noticing the undercurrents and it was time. She used the ‘H’ word.

Though it was gratifying to be supported, I wasn’t sure if I wanted the whole thing to blow up, whatever the intensity. I could go ahead with it, though our “working together” will be done in a few days, so things would smooth out in the future or just ignore the whole thing. I am after all 3 weeks old out there!

I’ll know tomorrow I guess.

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15 replies on “what do you think?”
  1. says: Twisted DNA

    So sorry to hear that. I mean that you started work again 🙂

    Give it to him, PLEASE! Such jerks shouldn’t be allowed to walk around at work like that.

  2. says: Anonymous

    I think there is no point if you will be working together for only few more days.

  3. says: rads

    tdna – sarcasm is so not becoming of you 🙂

    Anon – we’ll see. I have high tolerance – just don’t want it to be confused with a lesser attribute.

  4. says: Munimma

    sometimes it is better to not be quiet about such things. Jerks need to be dished out what they deserve. Especially in the workplace.

  5. says: Bharath

    Oops.. ! Seems life is training you well..

    Its better to see off these specimens.. in early stages of u r career..

    Gud luc for the better times ahead

  6. says: The Pilgrim

    Ha Ha Ha. Looks like you met the first jerk at a work place. Although, Deepa has turned it into a feminist issue but there are such jerks present at lot of workplaces. Need to keep your cool and handle diplomatically.

  7. says: rads

    Muni, deepa, bharath – yes, the matter has been resolved. The guy was spoken to, and now he bothers me differently! Every few minutes, he pokes his head into my cubicle and asks “did you want anything?” “so how’s it going!”

    Pilgrim – Thanks. I know, I take care of myself well.. 🙂

  8. says: Bharath

    That guy sure knows how to survive…

    Abt “nerdy” , I guess.. chk my initial posts.. u wud gt an idea 😉

    — havn’t u watched mozhi and paruthi veeran.. they sure r better than VV..

    Seems u hav been in tis world for a really long time 😉

  9. says: rads

    muni – lol. I am letting him be.

    Bharath – well, from what I gather, he is quite dispensable. For that matter on a philosophical note – aren’t we all? 🙂

    I don’t get to watch too many Tamil movies. Plan to in the next few weeks.
    Am a dinosaur around, the fossils are amazing!

  10. says: Baliga

    as much i would like to see him get bitchslapped.. if u gotta work with tht idiot then its best not to blowthings out of propotion esp during the first month or so. next month sue his ass 😛

  11. says: leoNYdas

    Was just reading through your previous posts. Hope all is well now. Those were some rude remarks.

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