To the person who came here using this search

“how long would iget for driving without”

Hope you found what you were looking for. I shudder to think of all possibilities that one can use at the end of the line. This is good ol republican conservative VA, so hope you surely did not mean “pants” – That’s taking busted to another level. No pun intended.

The rest – yea, you shall survive.

Me, I suppose I will too if I last until next Friday. My status right now:

no horn blowing


I will be slogging my u-know-what at work come Saturday while you guys enjoy the weather, food, friends, family and whatever it is that you all normally enjoy. No Thank you, there’s absolutely no need to elaborate, rubbing salt on wounds is really not nice, you know!

As am on a rant mode anyway, so here’s my next one.

What’s with WP’s new dashboard? It says it’s loaded a pic and then nothing, zilch happens. This post was to go live at noon, while I ate soggy spinach dal and rice, instead had to wait to come home to post. *Bah

Happy weekend and all that.

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8 replies on “alrty!”
  1. says: some body


    ‘so hope you surely did not mean “pants” -That’s taking busted to another level. No pun intended.’

    surely you meant ‘bummed’ not ‘busted’! 😉

    “… while you guys enjoy …”

    well, whoever said “no pain no gain” was obviously right. when you gain, you let us know, ok? 🙂

    “What’s with WP’s new dashboard?”

    vijay (and others) have already made their displeasure felt – it did not affect me too much, for obvious reasons!

    – s.b.

  2. says: Pavan

    why do you assume that most of the ppl here spend their weekends water-surfing, bungee jumping, camping, golfing etc.? take my case: I am going on a hiking trail, fun or fanaa? 😛

    not salting, this was marinating the wound with spicy masala.. and apologies 🙂

  3. says: rads

    Amrita: Thanks a bunch dear! It helped as you can tell :–)
    lol@forums. QA is your thing eh? :–)

    Praveen: Thanks for dropping by. :–)

    Vijay: You are all goodness aren’t you? *humpff!

    Pavan: Just you wait. I shall do some pickling of my own soon too. *bah@people. :–p

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