belated gift

Who said birthday gifts don’t come year long? Archana sent me these over last evening! Super thrilled and excited to be on the receiving end of such sparkly love, or for any love for that matter. Thank you dear girl! Love them so much, it didn’t matter if bolis got translated to zirconia, just that they are gorgeous, and am ecstatic!


Nice way to end a stressed out week. Am stuck in a technical writing workshop, and feeling a wee bit crappy on realizing I have some ways to go in report writing, which I thought was going just fine! O well!

Casual Fridays is back at work, so am in jeans prompting a co-worker to say “you know, you look so young, I’d never have guessed you’d have 3 kids” and then the gorgeous dangling diamonds in my ears…

am on cloud nine! Happy Friday y’all. :–)

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  1. says: some body

    ‘Casual Fridays is back at work, so am in jeans prompting a co-worker to say โ€œyou know, you look so young, Iโ€™d never have guessed youโ€™d have 3 kidsโ€ and then the gorgeous dangling diamonds in my earsโ€ฆ’

    was that the turk, by any chance??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    speaking of turks, whatever happened to that turkish expedition you had al planned out with terri’s mom? ๐Ÿ™

    – s.b.

  2. Happy birthday. Nice earrings. The missus is v. fond of jewellery. I try the “you are so beautiful that jewellery will only detract from your natural beauty” argument once in a while but it never works. She is far more concerned about the effects of the Mumbai sun on her complexion than any upstaging that jewellery might do to her beauty. Women!

  3. says: rads

    Praveen: What you loling at? :–p

    Naren: Thanks, though technically, the date was 2 months ago, googling “groundhog day” should help.
    Earrings are the fun part of jewelry, can’t bear the burden of the rest. lol@missus and complexion. Folks like me should be worried about the sun not her :–)

    Shilpa: Yea, they are. Frankly, that’s the sparkliest I’ve ever had!

    SB: Turk? Turk has a different mode of communication though these days there’s not much else time left to do except for talk numbers. *sigh.
    Re Terri and me, sure, it’s still in the plan, just coz she’s moving continents, don’t mean we abandon plans. Turkey is sorta mid-way between the two!
    Though we may just settle for the Maldives instead. What say terri?

  4. says: terri

    rads, phoren trips might be out of the question for some time, until I find me a corporate sponsor. I might be able to afford Pondi where one can ogle at French hippies.

  5. says: Archana

    You are so welcome Rads :-D! All my pleasure! Besides, ath for those polis :-P!

    p.s. oh one thing though – those shiny thingies are supposed Swarovski crystals (at least acc. to the website :-D) – is zirconia and crystal the same?

    p.s.2. The pic looks very nice – better than the original pic :-D!

  6. says: rads

    Archana: lol, see, vested interest. Bah :–p

    O, absolutely no idea, anyone can show me sparkly glass and call it diamonds, and I’d believe too. I really wouldn’t know :

    Really? Pic cool eh? I scanned it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    terri: Even If I sponsor your trip, we can take Lakshmi along? :–)

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