ugadi 2008

Last year this time, I probably just had 2 telugu readers and am all excited that suddenly there are so many of you! So here you go:

mee andariki sarvadhari naama samvatsara shubhakaankshalu

ugadi pachadi

Woke up a little cranky as we all had just 4 hours of sleep [late night talk sessions with old friends], used a yellow and pink driveway chalk to put a muggu [rangoli, kolam] in the front, and hoping the drizzle won’t wash it away, Made the pachadi with tamarind juice, jaggery, mango pieces, green chillies, and dried frozen neem flowers [saved them from our last India trip] in the morning, got dressed in new clothes [interestingly, we all managed to salvage something out of our closets], went to our sunday morning thing, came back, had a good lunch with pulihora and boorelu. Finished it off with a good 2 hour nap! Perfect!

I know that there’s a conflict of Padyami starting in the night today and so technically, we celebrate the day according to the time we wake up, and hence Ugadi [ read more about it here] should be tomorrow, but hey, it’s Sunday, it’s relaxed, so like all postponements and clubbing schedules into our 52 sundays, we pushed this one too.

Hope all of you are also celebrating or celebrated it with family and friends and a lot of food!

Not to forget the neighbors –

My two kannada readers – Happy Ugadi to you!

Any Maharastrians and Konkans? – Happy Gudipadva to you all as well!

So tell me, what did all of you do?

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38 replies on “ugadi 2008”
  1. says: wickedtaurus

    Happy Happy Ugadi Rads!:)

    Lunch with friends at Saravana Bhavan + working on a school paper/assignment has been my day!

  2. says: rads

    A-kay: How could I forget! I am as tamil as am telugu. :–)

    WT: ooo, good old south indian food eh? perfect! :–)

    CW, Altoid: Thank you! :–)

  3. says: S

    Happy Ugadi to you as well rads. We made ugadi pacchadi too (my favorite), but ate leftovers for lunch since that is all I could manage between making dosas for breakfast and getting the kids ready for Puja 🙂

  4. Meeku kooda ugadi dhina shubhakaankshalu. Pandugaki mee thayari too much, ikkada naaku ugadi ane vishayame gurtheledu. Theera Tamil friends nundi thelusukovalasi vacchindi.

    Ok, that’s some gult for you to squint at …

  5. says: priya

    Noothana samvathsara subhaakaankshalu. For starters, am as telugu as tamil. For more, a tamil from the land of manavaallu.:) in short a new visitor on new year’s day.

  6. says: priya

    Before the (technical) writer in you finds it..err err…i meant am as much a Telugu ammai as am a Tamizh ponnu 🙂

  7. says: bApHoMEt

    Happy Ugadi Rads. Though I dint celebrate Ugadi, I will tell you what I did on Sunday just the same. I pretended to have congested nose and a bad headache to get out of going to the Church. it worked. Will try it again next week.

    p.s. I wish it had been this easy to fool parents when I was a kid. Could have saved many a boring days at school by staying home and watching TV.

  8. says: rads

    Baph: I am a little shocked you’ve been a good boy all along. Poster child for Sunday school me thinks we could use you.
    Have you tried the ‘dog ate my homework?’ routine at school at least? ;–p

    Priya: Yayy! One more lurker speaketh! :–)
    lol@techwriter – hehe, this is a blog, free [all kinds of]speech is like our birthright!

    Dufus: Awesome telugu, we need to speak more, after all a “fan” of Balayya ought to! ;–p
    Let’s blame singlehood for not knowing the day.

    S: Pachadi is the all-important thingy. Adi chesukuni thintey chaalu kada? :–)

    Pavan, Usha: Thanku :–)

  9. says: priya

    am thrilled to bits you replied!!
    (does that child-like excitement tell you my age???) 😉 anyway been an ardent voyuer(thesaurus also says voyuer is an obsessive observer of sordid or sensational subjects) :)since the recent days. What else can you call
    that someone who visits the place without your know?? 🙂 After voicing my feelings its like “kothaga rekkalochana” (courtesy: swarna kamalam” 🙂

  10. says: booboosmamma

    Happy Ugadi to you too Rads. I wish i will be 1% of what you are. We were off to DC for the weekend. By the way you live in that area rite? Did nothing for ugadi but had some new clothes for all.

  11. I one of those two Kannada readers?
    Nevertheless…a very happy ugadi to you as well!
    And even we managed to squeeze in our version of ugadi celebrations yesterday itself 🙂

  12. One Konkani standing up to be counted. I seriously pigged out on traditional food among which was a thing called “bibbya upkari” which is stir fried extremely tender cashewnuts, so tender that they are the texture of asparagus and taste just awesome! Then sat down to teach elder son all about simultaneous equations. In the course of disseminating such knowledge, crashed out. The missus recorded my snoring which, to my great alarm, sounds a bit like a truck revving. Worried!

    Happy Ugadi to you.

  13. says: daisy

    happy Ugadi to you Rads :). Our (tamil) new year is in a lot of confusion this year.. it is supposed to be on apr 13th- but the governement sudeenly decided that “sanga thamizh” people actually celebrated new year on pongal and changed it this year- wat a load of crap I say 🙂

  14. says: rads

    naren: Wasn’t sure, so played it safe. So Konkan eh? Nice!
    You quite the brave man attacking simulateous equations after a ‘bibbya upkari’ – if you hadn’t explained, my imagination would’ve run quite wild. Naps are a protocol on such days. That’s like the ultimate dessert :–)

    lucy: You are kannad? Cool, so that ups my readership from that state to a grand 4 :–D

    Boosmom: Yes, I am! O, There’s a parade scheduled on Sat pm at the Cherry Blossom festival in DC. Don’t miss it, just beautiful blossoms, and so much fanfare around too. Weather’s promising at 50’s-60’s! We plan a picnic, so maybe we will bump into each other, if we can wade through the rest of the desis I mean ;–)

    Priya dear, here’s a newsflash for you. Your language only says you are ‘young at heart’ nothing else about your age! You have a bunch of us geriatrics around you, who behave like half crazed hormone driven youth, so all bets off when it comes to online talk ;–)
    ..and what do you mean I replied!? I always do, don’t I? In fact I am not too happy with bloggers who don’t reply to comments, and so stay lurker much against my natural self! :

    That song is sooo cool! “ardham chesukoru” – what an expressive face Bhanupriya has! :–)

  15. says: Lakshmi


    I think I came here from A-kay’s blog. Not sure though! Thought I will delurk and wish you a very Happy Ugadi.

    On the note of your readers counts from different states, figure this one out 🙂 I am a tamilian, born in Kerala, brought up in Bangalore married to a Telugu guy! You can count me in all the buckets if you wish too :-))


  16. says: mayG

    Happy Ugadi! i’m clueless other than the fact that its looks like something to be happy about.. err.. good ole google here i come 😀

  17. says: A-kay

    Waiting for next week – he he, you know why 🙂 Been delurking for a while, commenting now (just like Priya above) – you have a nice blog here.

  18. says: rads

    Baph: You call that a lie? :

    Laksh: It was okay, the usual. :–)

    A-Kay: haha, is food the major motivating factor? :–D

    mayG: It’s our new year according to the Hindu Calendar. What would we do without google eh? :–)

    Lakshmi the Third: You are sweet to make the effort! You’ve pretty much covered all of the south eh? Solpa manchi aviyal maadiri! :–)

    Loga: Thanks! :–)

    Boosmom: Oh! Thank you. It is indeed a nice place :–)

  19. says: rads

    daisy: Sorry donno how I missed u! :

    oh please, we celebrate when we want. Let’s give politicians the boot I say! *now just hope those “sangha” dudes don’t read me! 😐

    Adithya: O no worries at all. Good days can be celebrated forever. :–)

  20. says: rads

    Apple: Thanks, hope you had fun too! :–)

    Vijay: The Kannad total is now up to 6. So now, I spose I can stop counting :–)
    Had fun?

  21. says: Lakshmi


    That was such a nice way of putting it 🙂
    “Solpa manchi aviyal maadiri! :–) ” Never tht of it all these years! Now it is going to be my way of introduction of if I ever get inspired to blog(by all you great bloggers out there), maybe the title of my blog 🙂


  22. says: rads

    VegeYum: Thanks for linking :–)

    Ganesha’s like an artists favorite. Collecting the various kinds of idols can become quite an obsession after awhile.

    Lakshmi: You so should! That would be a fun blog title, even if I say so myself. :–p

  23. says: Apple

    😀 ippudu ardhamyindi meeru cheppindi ee pic gurinchi ani…chaalaa baavundi…bujji Ganesh bhale vunnaadu

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