diamond anniversary

Found this on my blog-hop route and wanted to help spread the word to all bloggers who’d be in Bangalore (?)next week.

A group has formed to celebrate our 60th I-Day back home by making a difference.

Perhaps you could join ’em, start your own, create your own little difference, spend a moment in the glory of being Indian, or maybe even just wear the tricolors.

Hey, I wear green on St Patrick’s, and I wore orange and maroon for Vtech’s April 16th, so sure if I can go to work wearing green skirt, a white blouse and maybe orange flip-flops (can’t believe I actually own a pair, in my own defense they are crocs!) so can you!

In the meanwhile, here’s a nice writeup on the flag and while reading it, look what I discovered!

Being a telugu is suddenly becoming cooler by the degree :-))

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27 replies on “diamond anniversary”
  1. says: December Stud

    Shouldn’t it really be orange (saffron) bluse, white skirt and green flip flops? 😉 Now, there’s new fashion….

  2. says: rads

    ds – rofl@the image.
    There’s only so much liberties I can take with my wardrobe without upsetting the fashion police! :))

  3. says: Twisted DNA

    You didn’t know about Pingali Venkayya. Every Gulti knows about him. Oh wait, you are not exactly a Gult 😛

  4. says: Ramjee

    Hi rads,

    Thanks for spreading the word. I hope more people participate.

    Also thanks for linking to my post.

    By the way, I am a telugu too!!

  5. says: rads

    schmetterling – Hey, stop loling at me, I am pretty sure I can pull it off! Maybe I shall send you a pic 😀

    Yesh – Yeah, wiki is as good as the ones who add to it. I once saw a very misleading note on one entry… not good then.
    1st time here? 🙂

    Ramjee – Sure thing, as long as you get at least 1 particiapnt from me, it’s worked!
    great, my 3rd telugu reader 🙂

    tdna – lol, am serious! I feel a little strange I dinno about this, not as a telugu, but just as a desi 🙂
    yo, am very much a “teluguammayi” :p

  6. says: Anonymous


    d.s. says: “Shouldn’t it really be orange (saffron) bluse, white skirt and green flip flops? 😉 Now, there’s new fashion…. “

    you ain’t heard nothing yet. our flag has 2:3 aspect ratio – height to width. are you ready for the challenge? 😉

    – s.b.

  7. says: rads

    lol@theTwinbros 🙂

    sb, pilgrim – Just to clarify, I was going for the color concept. 🙂

    I so am not accepting a dare on a blog :-p
    Green heels? of course I have a pair!! 😀

  8. says: maverick

    me n my roomie were arguing on this same topic. we celebrated the 50th anniversary, well n good. But do we have to make a hulla of things every 10 yrs? I appreciate their way of celebration n they are making 60 yrs of independence jus a reason for tht which is great. but other than tht i find it very silly to make it big every 10 yrs.

  9. says: rads

    Mav – but of course, you’re entitled to your opinion! 🙂

    Just some time ago I was telling a friend that we really didn’t need a reason to celebrate. I was seriously debating about doing half-birthdays. Anything to throw a party and eat, drink and be merry! 😀

  10. says: rads

    mav – nope. sadly, I didn’t know the details.
    It’s okay, don’t feel so terrible now, Ive learnt my lesson :p

  11. says: Schmetterling

    you know , the only thing my shoe closet misses is a pair of green heels. I haven’t found that definitive pair yet. 🙁

  12. says: upsilamba

    now where the heck is Asokachakra in this discussed attire?

    *rads — feeling a lil low lately. hence heck and such.

    watched Bangaram last night. have you?

  13. says: rads

    upsi – no need to apologize, heck is very much part of my vocab, and I hope no 8 year old’s reading my blog 🙂

    Re Ashokchakra – I was thinking a fat beaded pendant on a bunch o blue beads would help. Or how about a blue over-the-shoulder bag? or maybe go overboard and shock the jeepers outa folks by wearing a huge blue bindi! That would be priceless! 😀

    No new movies now, no time, will do if it’s any good. Take care now. 🙂

    Schmetterling – Finding the perfect shoe is a lot harder than finding the right mate. You have some time 😉
    My green came about only coz I HAD to – don’t ask, long story!

  14. says: madsies

    What you did not know pigali garu???? 🙂 Sheesh!

    An orange hair tie, white blouse, green pants – and stripped belt!

    Bare feet works for me 😉

  15. says: SK


    Interesting idea. Let me see what I can do.

    Btw, the flag thing is news to me. But I have an excuse, I am not a Gult. :–))

  16. says: rads

    SK – yesyes, join me!
    Romba teva enakku idu 🙁

    pilgrim – There are some juicy ones, ruffle me enough and I promise you, you shall hear them :p

    madies – you knew?! Great, now am the certified moron in the family 🙁
    your outfit desc looks like what ‘fresh princess of belair” would wear! :p
    If you’re on, I am 😉

  17. says: Dushti

    Rads, everyday I check your blog, I seem to discover a new blog! I really really wonder how you manage to keep track of so many blogs!

  18. says: Schmetterling

    i hate buying shoes when i HAVE to. on the other hand, i love buying a pair of shoes everyday. i bought one today- they’re semi kohlapuris, semi-antique .. very very nice 🙂 and a quick mental calculation also told me, very very cheap !! it’s been a good day.

  19. says: rads

    schmetterling – you are not allowed to talk about deals and shopping in India with me here. Penalty – pick one up for me :p

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