An open book sucks. Close damned book, close!

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17 replies on “epiphany”
  1. says: BPSK

    Books are a little like humpty dumpty. Once they are opened, they can never be closed again.

    On the other hand, torn pages can be stuck back together. Pages you don’t like can be skipped. Endings, however known, can be re-read.

    Just don’t go back and look wistfully at the cover again. 😉

    “Jack Handey” BPSK

  2. says: Silvara

    open books give too much away and sometimes you might find a bit more than what you bargained for. Closed book all the way – don’t spoil the surprise!

  3. says: Zhu

    Depends which kind of book you have. But I find my Chinese ancient history books extremely easy to close. And hard to open for some reason 😆

  4. says: Ok

    po rads I come to your blog to find something interesting abd there is nothing:( write somethin abt k3 or something funny.

  5. says: some body


    open books are bad, especially when they are not open enough for a reader to tell a keshto mukherjee from a mehmood from a paintal!

    i tend to keep my books closed, but with bookmarks!

    – s.b.

  6. says: rads

    sb: So you’re asking for the book to be closed or more open? The quality or interpretation of the book is perceptively hugely dependant on the reader rt?

    Orchid: I wish! I really wish…

    Pavan: lol, Ctrl Z works too.

    Ok: Sorry, Hasn’t been a fun week. Perhaps the next is better. I am a hopeless dreamer. 🙂

    Zhu: lol, So true 🙂

    Silvara: Wish I had your wisdom 🙂

    Pilgrim: Maybe Baph has a point.

    Baph: I thought that way too, till you know the book gets all trampled upon. Maybe the book isnt worth it too, who knows.

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