talk about rude

Yesterday I got a dose of some rude behavior on the phone.
The only folks I get rude to – and my concept of rudeness, is to cut in their monologue, or to slowly hang up on the other end is with- telemarketers. One female actually told me – you sure are polite when saying ‘no’ – I thought that was pretty cool.

Anyways, 2 evenings ago the good samaritan soccer mom that i am decided “oops – the end of the basketball season is here, and no one has contacted me about trophies for my daughter’s team” – so I find this person who runs a mom&pop unit engraving them trophies and sells them out of her home, and yes, she can do a 24 hour turnaround! yippee, with a 2 day deadline, and with all our crazy lives, this was a godsend. I thank her profusely, and since we are short of time decided, hey, it’s just 7 numbers – let’s call the parents, and see if each would pitch in their $7.00

Mixed opinions follow – I leave messages with a couple, a couple tell me “don’t you think they are old for trophies” and one tells me she’d go either way – she doesn’t care for another trophy gathering dust on her mantel. Talk about pride – but I tend to secretly agree with her. I think trophy is a momentous thing, and then a flashback pride. The middle period is ‘argh – one more thing to dust off during your routine’.

A few called back, except one. So I decided to call her back again, coz time was running out. The little girl answers and she is quite curt – but I’ll let her be – coz I know not all kids are comfortable or come across polite on the phone – and she says ok, will call mom.

Voices in the background ” mom it’s for u’
male voice ” who is it”
mumble mumble
Male voice ” tell her to call back”
mumble mumble
Male voice” I am telling you to let her be and mom will call back” pause and then “just hang the bloody phone”

I am livid – what is with these people. If they can’t talk then, can’t they at least say so properly?

After 10 minutes, a call – mom being sweet, and yes, they don’t particularly care for it, but yes, they will pitch in if everyone wants it.

No mention of anything else.

..and yeah, don’t get me started on emails – people really need some etiquette 101 in everything!

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  1. says: madsies

    people on the other end think ppl on this side are either deaf, dont care(just like they do),or the phone is made of some material which will magically sieve away decibles when spoken 2feet away!
    agree@ etiquette 101

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