My Go-To Natural Face Packs And Masks

Face Pack Masks Tunneling Thru

Instagram stories have been a lot of fun since they started. I mainly stick to showing what I cook, for the rest of the family, and maybe the trips I make as a mom and then some cycling, pretty much what I do with my day, rather. One day on a whim (am prone to whims) I had a face pack on and sent in a scary Ewww version of me in a mask! Like so.

Face Packs Tunnelith Thru

Then I got a bunch of messages.

1 of them said something along the lines of “ew, seriously? why would u put up such a picture?”

Well, hello, it’s me, remember? I do goofy things with panache, not giving two hoots to how anyone would interpret it. It’s naive chutzpah, I assure you.

The rest asked me what I had on my face. So, figured I’d just make a post of it, so read on!

Getting That Glow Back On, What I Do

I am all for natural and going green. I also don’t buy or endorse expensive brands, just coz they are brands, simpler reason being that I cannot afford them. Even if I did afford it, I am not diligent with usage, so it’s best not to spend large amounts of money and then conveniently forget all about it until it rots under the sink. Things one learns with age!

It isn’t like I have perfect flawless skin, I don’t.

This isn’t about glamor, but just about bringing a fresh glow back by removing dead skin cells and just looking refreshed. In today’s environment and stresses, our skin does get a beating. Plus our body’s cells could use a bit of help and support as we age.

Here are some things that you could use and are easily available and well, right in your kitchen! No excuse not to now is there?

 Water And Fat

I’ve noticed since I’ve shifted to low carb diet and keto, my skin’s visibly improved. Not just my face and neck but skin overall and this despite the winter now. The dryness has reduced and so does the itchy paper kind of feeling. Low carbs force you to drink water, physiologically and also coz one gets very thirsty often. Water helps keep you hydrated. The increase in fat content in your body also helps maintain a certain level of moisture and suppleness, so drink up, and add some fat in your diet! It’s the winter and we could use some cushion to keep us warm too.

Oatmeal Mask

Oatmeal’s just simply great. I love it. I have a jar of oatmeal powdered and placed in each of the bathrooms. Sometimes all it requires is taking half a teaspoon onto your palm, adding water, soaking it for a few seconds and applying it all over your face and neck and 5 minutes later, wash it off in the shower (or over sink) – That is all.

Now if you truly wanted to make a regimen of it, you could make a detailed face pack with either honey or yogurt or some full-fat milk or you could even add some turmeric, but I find all of that too much work.

Oatmeal is a natural exfoliant and has plenty good properties (anti-inflammatory, is suitable for all skin types and doesn’t dry skin)  that you may want to research and read up if you like.

Tomato Mask

This is such a quick fix and I love it for the days when I do find that tomato, or when am chopping it for cooking and I take a slice and just rub it all over my face. It’s quick, fast drying and also revives your skin asap. Something to do with lycopene etc. You can research.  

Yogurt Mask

Yogurt’s again another really simple, natural tan remover. I’ve used this in the summer after a long day outside. It doesn’t dry the skin and if using full-fat yogurt, then the fat and the grease from it moisturizes the skin subtly. It’s taking a teaspoon of simple plain homemade or store bought yogurt (I don’t do flavored yogurt, coz I mean, I don’t want to be smelling like pineapple or strawberry) and applying it direct on your face and neck. Wash after a few minutes. Done!

Egg Mask

I’ve tried using egg on my face even as a teenager but then eggs were frowned upon at home and so that didn’t last long. These days, I’ve been eating eggs a lot. Protein and the need for upping it in the low carb diet that I have adopted. Again, it’s a fuss free quick mask. When I beat eggs for cooking, I simply scoop out a teaspoon of beaten egg (either the white or the mixed egg, depending on when I remember or want to) and apply it on my face and neck. If smell is an issue, you could add a wee bit of rosewater to it, but I really don’t bother. It’s a few minutes, and one can suck up a bit 😉

The mask dries out in a few minutes and you can rinse off by the time that egg gets cooked or you eat it 🙂

Eggs again are versatile, helps with elasticity, lessening fine lines and just refreshes your skin in a no-fuss way. Plus when you do things as part of your other everyday things, they take very little time and energy and it isn’t exactly a *thing* that-you-must-do anymore.


Still working on this one. I *am* a mom after all, and the one other thing (apart from all else) that motherhood dumps you in is, this. So YOLO! But yes, the days I get at least 7 hours of sleep in me, my image in the mirror does smile back 😉

KISS Policy (Keep It Simple Silly!)

As you can tell from above, what I use (and as way of life) is minimalistic. One doesn’t need more than 1-2 products to slather on the face to revive it. It doesn’t automatically translate that the more products you use, the better it is for you. If packaged products work for you, that’s great. I prefer keeping things simple and matter of fact and I do as and when I remember and part of my daily duties and chores.

Hope this helped and may you benefit from the goodness of our everyday kitchen groceries and natural bounty. The next time you are running out and want to brighten your skin up before a party or an event and there isn’t much time, try one of the above and let me know, here or on Instagram – am rads02 there  🙂

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