answer lock kiya jaye

Evening scene:

Am cooking, and various characters are all studiously working on their respective academic levels.

Munchkin comes to show me her completed work. Her math sheet had this question:

“There are 2 red blocks, 3 green blocks and 4 blue blocks on the floor. How many blocks are there on the floor?”

She had a neat “9” next to it.

I say: Good job.

She: *smiles large*

I: So tell me, how did you do that?

She: * makes those large eyes even rounder, and with a smug expression on her face* By Math.

I: haha, no, munchkin, I meant how did you calculate that? How did you come up with the number 9?

She: *throws the clipboard down, thrusts her tiny fingers at me, wiggles them furiously*: By my fingers!

..and that’s how the ball rolls.

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8 replies on “answer lock kiya jaye”
    1. says: Metlin

      See, as Bhel would attest, that is an improvement over either of our capabilities. We usually have a hard time counting upto 3 most of the time (I can do 2, he can do 3). Constant inebriation has that effect, allegedly.

  1. says: My3

    HA! If you lived in my school district, Muchy would have to write a one paragraph/page essay on how she came upon the number. Anything would be correct as long as it was preceded by this essay! Phew. I am soooo glad that the younger one is almost done with middle school. This concept of mediocrity being very acceptable is impossible to understand.

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