case of the missing mp3’s ..

Over the last week, Ive been meaning to update my hindi collection of songs. Found an hour on Saturday afternoon I could use, and decided this was it.
So I login to coolgoose, combatting pop-ups with complete zeal, as I was discovering some good tunes and the downloads were doing amazing speeds. So, with all the excitement on hearing the songs as soon as they are d/l, and my little one even dancing to Himesh’s tunes [she’s a BIG fan, and shakes her hips ever so cutely!] I made a record d/l of 23 songs in 45 minutes.

yes, that’s a record, when you have to navigate the website’s numerous logins, pages and popups!

Job done, feeling quite smug.

Fast forward to last night. I decide to burn the CD, so I can listen on the way to work. I open the burner, and peep at the desktop window to start adding files, and I don’t see anything familiar. I see songs, but they are old ones. Puzzled I move into different directories [my system needs some real organizing!] and still no ‘beedi, ‘laakad’ ‘mitwa’ ‘farewell trance’ ‘aja aja’!
Now, am frantic, I call K1, who has been playing with the computer a whole lot, [and she’s giving me the ‘i donno what you talkin about’ look] more than I want her to. K2 on the other hand needs to be bribed to even touch the keyboard and so the story goes…
in any case, back to my mp3’s – long story short, after 30 minutes of opening and running all searches, I officially declared them missing.

I know K1 wanted a CD herself, so it wasnt her who messed around, DH couldn’t care less, another case of ‘I wouldn’t touch the home system with a 10 ft pole’! So,the fact still remains, that they have absolutely disappeared. No trace, no temp files, no nothing.

What the hell could have happened?!

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7 replies on “case of the missing mp3’s ..”
  1. says: rads

    yes. as a matter of fact, we do own one. I bought it myself, it’s just I don’t have any rights on it anymore. Sad state of affairs, but come Chrsitmas, am getting an ipod for myself. Ive just about had it!

  2. says: W H

    It must be the evil mutant killer monster snow goons… :)))
    Or maybe aliens….

    Or even ghosts.. Maybe Sir Walter Raleigh has acquired a taste for hindi music up there above the clouds.

  3. says: W H

    No.. I’ve deduced it.. it is really the the evil mutant killer monster snow goons.. no doubt about it whatsoever..

  4. says: rads

    lol@emkmsg’s – that’s original enough to make me want to believe it. 🙂

    It was quite strange. I am thinking the files had a short life – just like the Bond movies. The ones which disintegrate as soon as Bond is done with them? 😀

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