our very own outlaw

Poor little Pluto. Yesterday a planet, today a nothing.

Almost like we reprimanded pluto for not being ‘real’ and said ‘off you go’ and sent him packing off into the darkness. Spin if you want, or just disappear into the space, we surely don’t care.

While in school and learning the our solar syatem, we had to memorize the names and I remember how we felt that Pluto was the cutest among all, and such a poor cold place it stayed, like the pinkie of the solars. Cute, small, unimportant but not forgotten.

It’s interesting that learned hats are deciding that we dis-inherit our cutie-pie. How can we unlearn something? All those paper mache models, the styrofoam balls, the 3-d models and the paintings, sketches and drawings. Everything is a moot. So how are we supposed to explain this literal throwing out of Pluto? whatever happened to ‘come one, come all’ one big happy family? What if we had to include the few others that were Pluto’s pals…. and so what if in the coming few years we have another 45 odd celestial bodies’ names to remember. More mnemonics to belt out I suppose.

So these gray brains decide that ‘aw, the poor simple un-enlightened souls, they can’t remember all these names, let’s make things easy’ and so with their hard old worn-out boots give a kick to Pluto.

au revoir mon cher pluto…. hope you find a family some day and live happily ever after!

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6 replies on “our very own outlaw”
  1. says: Archana

    Poor Pluto! Happy to know I am not the only one mourning its ouster from the planetary system! Paavum – I hope it still gets an honorary mention – like putting it within brackets at the end of all the other planets to remind us of its erstwhile status!

  2. says: Maya

    Hiya rads, thanks for visiting my blog. I have been very busy and forgot it existed until your comment popped into my mail a couple of days ago 🙂

    Thanks for the reminder and then I come over here and see what a splendid place you have here! Congrats and eulogy for Pluto was good too 🙂

  3. says: rads

    maya – I remember you as having written a wonderful eulogy for your friend. Thanks for coming by too. hehe@pluto.

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