Thankfulness, Gratitude and Giving Thanks: 2015

Today is Thanksgiving, a day of giving thanks. It’s been awhile since Ive written about the day and how it rolls around at our place.

As with everyone else, it is a day of gathering of people, friends and family, including friends who are family, of cooking large pots of food, and of overloading on carbs and then lamenting over it and of course retail therapy.

What makes it special since a year is when the older kid return home. Mine and my nephews and watching them grow from little kids to towering adults, still playful and yet serious and towering large over the older adults, with equally larger appetites.

Am attempting #3ThingsThursday with the #SouthAsianBloggers group. It’s been hard sticking to being a part coz of all what 2015 has thrown at me, not all bad of course not, but just a lot to deal with and one can only handle so much of routine grounding. Today could be a good start and so here I am! ..and Ive done so many lists and tags from my earlier prolific years as a blogger, as well as my to-do lists and how famous am for those, that I figured maybe this could work!

So here we go:

  1. I am thankful for all that 2015 has taught me. A more detailed post later, but it’s been one heck of a year. Of growth in areas that I never thought I needed to grow. To the new me and to the more grounded me. For the strength and reflection that has allowed me to be graceful in letting go, and doing so with a sense of calm and absolutely no regret. That’s saying a lot!
  2. Filled with gratitude for the lady who brought me closer to myself through meditation. My meditation guru who gave me a safe place and a route to discover and give me the time and space to reflect and reach where I am meant to be.
  3. For my Zephie. Four short years with us, and when she left us on Nov 1st, she made me realize how much I banked on her silent presence. To the lovely canine companionships that we take for granted and the effect they have on our heart and soul. The tattoo on my hand of the doggie paw will now have more meaning and will stay with me forever in her memory, though it initially was a symbol of a trip and of canine love that bound it all together.

It’s been a great year. Not all happy and many bittersweet and some not so fun, but for all that it has managed to bring in together, it’s one heck of a large melting delicious pot. There is happiness, there is reflection and there is a lot of love. There is no negativity, even to the ones who have hurt me, coz they never did, I let myself hurt, and in those scars, I realize, just like the tattoo they all heal and remain symbols of victor and lessons learnt.

To another year of gratitude and thankfulness, may the holidays bring you abundance of it all. 🙂

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Have a super Thanksgiving 2015!

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