facing fear: rising up

Part 2 of the mini series that am writing on Women’s Web.

Part 1: Facing Fear: Speaking out

Part 2: Facing Fear: Rising Up


I had pretty bad Acrophobia – fear of heights. I am not going to say what worked for me will work for others who suffer from it, in different intensities, but this is just a personal note on two separate incidents that had me reacting extremely.

Some fears will stay with us awhile, some rear their heads in certain conditions and then some others just vanish with age or maturity or just perspectives. Some we are consciously aware of the effect they have on us. Once we recognize what it is that brings on the cold sweats, maybe, just maybe, there will be an intervention to stop, take stock and isolate the source of it.

Hopefully this helps a few others realize that it is possible to deal with fears practically. Am not saying I have completely brought it under control, but am at a place where I can handle it. That’s a start right?

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