Waiting till the evening for the fireworks to start on July 4th was getting to become a bit of a drag [though that’s a whole new story on how we did watch the works in drenching pouring rain] we decided to run out and watch Hancock.

I liked the movie. Then again, I love Will Smith. The guy’s amazing in absolutely whatever he does. Been watching him since ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ and he never fails to deliver.

That aside, the movie isn’t hugely spectacular. Nor does it leave you wanting for more, and neither does it leave you hanging with unanswered questions. The characters are loosely sketched not involving depth, drama or even instilling the need within the audience to want to know more. You know what I mean?

Sure, there is history between our man and Charlize and you spot that from the moment she makes an entrance , but one doesn’t feel the urgency to know what and who the heck are these two “super” folks.

There’s a teeny bit of comic relief when they hit and smash each other up or at least try to, and she looks a tad mature but yet quite gorgeous and sexy. Especially in her superwoman suit.

Jason Bateman playing the mortal husband of Charlize quite the sweet guy. One can’t help but feel a camaraderie with the character tinged with empathy as he tries selling his stuff. Then again, there isn’t huge melodrama or tears towards the end when there is a bit of a surprise. The storyline is simple, not too hackneyed or cliched [Unlike some of the reviews floating around] and offers just the right element of mystique, laughs and believable fiction.

Don’t expect fireworks from Will Smith in terms of action. His style’s intact tho’.

The movie is meant to be watched with as much interest as you’d read a Superman comic at the stall or the dentist office. It provides the entertainment you want without taxing your brain on the whys and the whats and the science of the film-making, strategy or story. The good and clever thing is that the makers have left the ending just at the point where a sequel could very well take off.

If anyone’ s seen it, what the heck and where did the eagle come from in this picture? I mean, I know there’s a symbolic eagle around the character, but this?

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22 replies on “hancock”
  1. says: some body


    welcome back! 🙂

    i am not big on movies, and don’t really idolize smokers. that said, i need to learn from charlize theron the art of shedding 20 or 40 pounds just like that. for that matter, most actors are proficient in this category – for example, renee zellwiger (sp?).

    i am no big fan of will smith either, but … have you seen that bit about him on youtube, learning to sing ‘kyaa boltee too’ from karunya?

    – s.b.

  2. says: Pavan

    good premise executed weakly.. lesson learnt: all super-hero movies neednt be good, just because ironman and hulk were 🙂 batman looks okay from the trailer, na?

  3. says: WickedT

    gotta watch this one. maybe the bald eagle was to rep Uncle Sam ? oh, did you get to see The E! True Hollywood Story of Will Smith? not sure how much of it was fabricated though.

  4. says: rads

    WickedT: No, I missed that. Why? Flammable? :

    Pavan: Yea, I heard the trailer was good. We made it just on time and missed those..

    sb: Thanks 🙂
    Smokers? No idea if Will Smith is one, and don’t matter much to me anyways as long as he provides <i?paisa wasool stuff 🙂
    sb, give me the money and the trainers they have and I shall also lose 30 pounds in the blink of an eye. 😐
    yeah, the clip’s cute 🙂

  5. says: bApHoMEt

    “The movie is meant to be watched with as much interest as you’d read a Superman comic at the stall or the dentist office. It provides the entertainment you want without taxing your brain on the whys and the whats and the science of the film-making, strategy or story.” Sob. Did you just compare Superman comics to Hancock?

  6. says: zep

    really? you liked it? man! but then you say you are a Will Smith fan.. and then you mention “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”… I’d say Fresh Prince was far better than Hancock. Did you see Hitch? Please tell me you did. 🙂

    but like you have mentioned – no story, no character development, nothing. this is like making rasam without the tamarind juice. 🙂

    This is why, well establised superheroes sell better than characters created out of thin air, methinks.

    and yes, did you just compare Superman comics with Hancock ? you’ve injured the sentiments of my generation.. **sob** 😛

  7. says: rads

    LOL@ zep and baph’s sobs 🙂
    Ok guys, replace “superman” with any other light comic strip and the analogy still works. That’s all I meant, that it isn’t awesome, but it’s okay!
    I liked Hancock coz it was Will Smith. Just liek Kamal’s fans loved Dasavatharam. It was a disappointment, but its the adulation of the guy behind the character that you want to continue to like it 😛

    Frankly, it’s a DVD movie. 🙂

  8. I think I’ll watch it. Watched a movie called “Get Smart”. I enjoyed it, as did the wife and kids. I wriggled out of “Thoda pyaar, thoda magic” which even Sheela thought dumb. (she usually watches hindi movies uncomplainingly, but has increasingly shown signs of losing patience when faced with inanity. Hanging around with me too long, according to a critical friend

  9. says: CW

    I just realized I watched the movie for Bateman! Seriously, if they made a movie out of Arrested Development I’d not think twice about catchin it on the big screen.

    The eagle made a cameo in the final scene, dinnit? (Laugh all you want: I actually thought they showed the eagle to indicate (s)he had carved the symbol on the moon.)

    You can stop laughing now.

  10. says: rads

    Pilgrim: Thanks:) lol@happening. Yea, I agree!

    schmetterling: aw cmon@headache, it wasn’t thatbad. It did make 66 million opening weekend you know! 😀
    Long weekend eh? Oh yea, eventful as ever! 🙂

    CW: LOL. OK. done laughing! 😀
    Bateman is cute. But that symbol was cheesy 😐

    Naren: Yay@wife not choosing Thoda Pyar bla bla. Boy, seeing rani smile was painful in itself.
    Yea, the boys would like it. Take them along, and yes, mine are waiting to go watch Wall-e and get smart this weekend.

    Adithya: Sorrryyy! 🙂
    yes yes, me too! Summer’s quite nice so far wrt movies eh?

  11. says: dipali

    Saw it last night and I have to agree with you totally. I realise I wouldn’t have missed not seeing it either, much as I like Will Smith.

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