munh mein ghee shakkar, NOT

Who was that genius who forecast that there would be lesser blog posts coming through once I hit reduced hours?

Guess what? It is precariously standing on a precipice, on the verge of coming true!

Today I start to leave work at 2.30 pm, and the joy at saying ‘bye-bye’ to everyone while they made faces at me and humphed and grimaced and wailed at my receding back was a teeny step above blissville. Roads were crazy empty. Sadly, couldn’t zoom as the darned cops were almost at every corner hiding and pouncing on poor unsuspecting zoomsters. Come home and all I do is get back on the road shuttling between the library, optometrist, basketball game, and do the same route again for the pickup; all the while answering munchkin’s chattering inane and occasionally brilliant questions.

Considering that I blog from work (I mean, that’s putting good use of those boring in-between hours when you are twiddling thumbs and pretending to work) and the work hours are reduced, one doesn’t need to be a logical deductive reasoning guru to add the equation up.

But no, just to prove me wrong, I am now writing this post between making daal , choosing colors for the home theater in the works downstairs, and serving dinner. Now this kind of dedication is hard to shake. I do deserve an extra hour at work just to blog. Getting paid for it would just be perfect no?

Go Blogging. Yeah!

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19 replies on “munh mein ghee shakkar, NOT”
  1. says: SK

    Here’s a pat on your back for blogging amidst a busy time.! :–D

    And even now you can blog from work right, first thing in the morning.. ;–)

  2. says: Sheela

    wonderful to read the creativity in wirting … it is all the mindset and the situation which makes any one to write…

  3. says: rads

    Baph: I was thinking I’d just call you and you could type for me? Liek those audio-services sorts?

    Sheela: Thanks and yes, you are right. I was just trying to be funny, obviously it didn’t work! :

    SK: Thanks so much! See, I need more readers like you 😛

    Adithya: Bouncers are good only in cricket. :

  4. says: bApHoMEt

    @Rads: Better yet, start a podcast. So, on those days you cannot write a blog, record an audio file and post it. It will still come via RSS.

  5. says: rads

    @baph: Perfect! I can further torture folks with my shrieking high pitched vents and rants!
    now pray, give me the lowdown on how one goes about podcasting themselves?

  6. says: bApHoMEt

    Simple, get yourself some sort of handy recording device (there are good ones at Radioshack). Buy yourself a space upgrade on WordPress. Record stuff on the recorder, transfer to computer via USB, upload to wordpress. WordPress has a built in player that will let you embed your uploaded MP3 in a post. It will also be sent to your readers via RSS.

  7. says: Praveen

    Its amazing that u can blog so beautifully amidst work and chaos.

    Yea start podcasting sooooooooooooooooooooon 🙂

  8. says: rads

    Praveen: Yeart! Can’t imagine me bla-bla’ing is beautiful :p

    Sushma: I saw 🙂 Will do. and o, you should allow wp users to comment too you know! 🙂

    Priya: lol. Ellam Neram! 🙂

    Baph: That was tedious. 😐
    Too much to do, and in any case I tape my voice yesterday on the Mac(It has a podcast application in the Garage Band btw), and I squirmed!!. I sounded like a screeching banshee trying to act human. 🙁
    One day perhaps, when I can get my voice to sound like me. You sweet explaining and all tho’ 🙂

  9. says: wickedT

    Rads, can i have a copy too? 😀 somehow got me reminded of that funny cute number… “i like to move it, move it” from madagascar.:)

  10. says: some body


    yay for podcasting! check out my favourites.

    talking of banshees – screeching, wailing or screaming – someone needs to create software that transforms everyone’s recorded voice to exactly how he/she perceives he/she sounds. a “voicemaker” embedded in the vocal cords, i mean!

    – s.b.

  11. says: some body


    whoops! a “voicemaker” would not be software but “soft wear hardware” 😉

    – s.b.

  12. says: rads

    LOL@sb: Good one 🙂
    It is true right, that the voice we hear is not what others hear. In that case, now I know why folks hang up on me in a hurry 😐

    WickedT: Munchkin bursts into that song every few hours. Maybe I should do a podcast of her! That’s called raising the bar 😀

    daisy: hehe, yes it will. Just getting used to the scheule. 🙂

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