A Weekly Empowering Feature: What I Know For Sure – 5 Nuggets With Rads

5 Nuggets With Rads

Am super excited to launch this weekly feature, titled 5 Nuggets With Rads, on Instagram. 
What is this all about?

A couple of years ago I was doing a feature on my blog, MsChutzpah.com – where I spoke to women from various fields and walks of life in an attempt to inspire the readers and it did and fabulously so. To learn from the paths and provide insights into dealing with our own challenges. It was great, but it came to a halt coz I just couldn’t get enough women to speak for and about themselves! Right there is a screaming need for the urgency of speaking up.

Am restarting a similar exercise here, but with a simpler mindful approach which continues to impact the readers and their thoughts in short nuggets. Attention spans all over are shrinking, but the need of the hour is to work on our individual minds while opening our minds to various perspectives and thoughts, so we can tweak and grow from our collective knowledge.

This idea came to me when I was flipping through Oprah’s magazine and she has a regular feature where she elaborates on what she knows for sure. Gene Siskal, the noted film critic once asked her the question and she had floundered to answer right away, which then made her think and arrive at what she did. Since then, she has incorporated this into her magazine and has made it a regular.

Oprah’s an amazing personality and a role model and has influenced many a woman, including me. 2016 and 2017 has seen me embark on a journey of mindfulness, of empowerment and simply put, raising the bar – for me and all around me. One thing led to another and here I am.

5 Nuggets With Rads Instagram

You may follow the hashtag #5NuggetsWithRads if you are on Instagram to read in-depth about their beliefs.

What do I know for sure?

Ask yourself this question and your answers would range from the most basic and banal to the philosophical and beyond. Every one of us is stronger than we know, kinder than we realize, wiser than we let on, and surer of ourselves than our actions. When forced to think on all things that we are sure of, we realize we do know a lot.
Conviction is a powerful weapon within us. It is the basis of all thoughts that lead to actions and how we see the world.
So, if am lucky and am able to persuade women all around to share with the world their convictions, I will have a weekly feature named 5 Nuggets with Rads – they will share 5 of their beliefs as an answer to the question: What Do I Know For Sure?

The more we read, the more am sure it will help each of us think and perhaps even adapt our own thoughts so we can visualize our well being and success accordingly.

Every Tuesday, #5NuggetsWithRads – 5 things I know for sure. A different woman. Different beliefs. Same empowerment. Yeah?
See you Tuesday AM EST.


1. I know throwing yourself headlong into whatever you do is the only way to do. The journey is more than the destination.
2. I know that if you stick with something for a long time, you cannot help but become good at it.
3. I know that life always gives you what you NEED, more than what you want.
4. I know that low carb lifestyle is the answer to all things that are plaguing us nutritionally.
5. I know that relationships ultimately thrive in a balance of space, attention, and kindness.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram!




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