happiness unbound

Something really cool happened at work this afternoon. I was made a lead in part of the project we are working on. It’s probably more for organizational purposes, but I was chosen for some reason, and that’s awesome enough for me.

Ecstatic is underplaying it!
The whole thing sunk in as I drove home [that’s when the bulbs flash in my head!] and am so happy I could cry!

It’s not been easy letting go of medical jargon and diagnoses and accepting logic puzzlers and languages that made no sense to me. It was indeed a sense of accomplishment when I finally graduated from the U with a degree I’d put in oodles of hard work, but where my heart truly wasn’t in. It’s been a rocky path alright, so it does feel extra sweet and special when I am being recognized for my contributions.

so yayy to me.

p s – I am not bragging, just plain happy. It feels soooo good, that I’ve been doing the happy dance all the way home and instead of switching off the burning daal on the stove, am grinning like a cheshire cat and typing away furiously! 🙂

p p s – More on TANA soon. Ive got so much to write, am a little clueless on where to start!

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