hear ye hear ye

Alright, so I have a couple of announcements to make. 

1. Last year I recognized October as “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”, I still do. This year, I also discovered it’s blog-writing month! (Like bloggers really need a month?) Ive signed up for writing a post a day as part of the NaBloWriMo. I picked this up from Jugalbandi which btw is a fascinating site which all of you must visit! So yes, I will be posting everyday. God help you folks. Okay, if you don’t believe in super powers then I suggest blinkers or a spam filter to prevent my posts coming through. (please don’t! I kid!! ) Don’t ask me why I did. I don’t need an incentive to blog, as most of my regulars know by now. I need a lip balm. Honestly, my lips could use the lip balm that is a giveaway for blogging every day. I know, I can go buy me one, but a freebie is so much more luscious and precious! Especially something that is made by the author of the blog herself. I’d love to get one. I know there would be a fight between munchkin and me, and I know who’s going to win (yes, mee!!). 

Write, write and write again, and you may just have the softest lips around. Don’t ask me what I plan on doing with them lips, soft or otherwise, coz I don’t quite know myself. Yet. I may just purse them, pout and sulk and do the lower lip thing to gain more pity my way from the husband, but that’s about the most dramatic and creative I can get. Just don’t ask me to go pierce it. I won’t. 

Anyways, so who’s joining me in doing a post-a-day. It should be fun. It would be just like back home, when you and a girlfriend would decide to wear the same color outfits, or eat the same ice cream, or better yet line maro the same guy to see whom he’d maro back at..  Fun right? So, please? Who’s in? 

Obviously, I will need to set expectations here.

I promise the 7 below: (Altoid, and the rest who may think similarly, pls don’t unsubscribe :P)

  1. Most posts will be short. Like a blurb kind. (It’s going to be hard, but I shall try!) 
  2. I will not post forwards, jokes, and/or cartoons lifted off from some random site. 
  3. It will not be used as a rant box either. I may rant, but not everyday. 
  4. Will most definitely try and run the month as I normally do. 
  5. It will not be drivel. Of course that’s a subjective opinion, and my opinion counts the most. 
  6. If I get boring, let me know. Wait. I kid. Don’t. oh, never mind, let me know. I’ll try and improve. 
  7. I may quit mid-way too. So there’s hope still. 
In other news, there’s an award fest going on at alchemistpoonam.wordpress.com. Sajni so sweetly apparently noominated me. I cringed when I read it, then was told to smile. So what I was asked. I stammered “but, but..”.
Awards or not, soon I may just ask you folks to tell me your favorite/well-written/entertaining/interesting post off this space. You will be nice and let me know won’t you? I need it for the larger good. 
So who’s in for writing everyday? Any suggestions on what I write here? Anything you don’t want to read here? Should I have a theme? Should I just keep it wide open to anything that strikes my fancy? Should I even do be doing this? What do you think? 
*That’s a cue for you to comment. Please do and let me know?* 
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13 replies on “hear ye hear ye”
  1. says: bApHoMEt

    Alas, I cannot join you in your quest for daily posts. I am much too lazy. However, I promise that I shall be a diligent commentator for each post.

  2. says: Adithya

    daily is konjam kashtam. But i can comment. A theme would be good. What happened where? At home, on the road, in the office, in your cabin… :p

  3. Comment, I will! Gaad Praamiss! But one post a day, is very kashtaati kashtam! Currently going through a last-sem-and-no-job-to-look-forward-to-due-to-the-god-damn-recession-thing jitters phase. Also, school work quite hectic! But I shall comment, yevvvryday! 😀 🙂

  4. says: rads

    Guys: That’s mighty generous of you. Thank you very much for the support. My brave crusaders in a non-comment land. *sigh.

  5. Wow that’s really difficult thing to do, post one every day. One thing you can try, what happened everyday at exactly 10:42 AM or some particular time, not just happened to you but happened to the world or you read something or you saw something or you took a picture, you get the idea.

  6. You post this right after I was thinking I’m having difficulty keeping up with reading!! 😀

    Bring it on Rads, will atleast comment once a day!!


  7. says: Pavan

    2 things-

    1) girlfriend example might have alienated any guys even with minuscule interest in this blogathon 🙂

    2) when others chickened out, I thought of being the knight in shining armor, riding a horse (thanks to fuel prices).. but I have problem even completing comments because.. ooooh, is that a shiny ball?

    but shall do my best to give you company, by writing small posts that would make one think profusely, for instance “If I write a review about a bookstore, is it equivalent to writing the review for 100k books?”

  8. says: rads

    pavan: lol, Trust you to come up with a sane comment!
    So you saying Naren’s above it all? 😛
    Absolutely, anything counts. 😀

    whencut: See, my posts are not time sensitive. Come back after a week and read ’em all, if you’d like :p

    GDS, Mystic: Thank you. You not joining me?! *sulk. o cmon girls!

    Naren: You are my knight in shining armor. Yay 🙂

    Dinesh: That’s an awesome idea. Though 10:42 could be a tad boring. I mean, everyday at 10:42, I am sitting at the sam eplace doing the same exact thing. Boring. Why don’t I do that for 1 week, and I won’t pick 10.42 🙂 right?

    terri: Sure thing, you just have to wait till I get to Chennai. Online line maroing is like trying to break fast by watching a cooking show on TV. Unless of course you have something else in mind :p

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