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  • hey rads,
    I thgt I saw a “bored” post.
    *pinching myself. no, I am not dreaming.
    guess jr.roshan kept you entertained and took the boredom away! ha!

  • Thanks for that link (not this one). Now all I got to do is see it in person. 😉 BTW this link was hilarious. :))

  • 🙂 Wish he had done “mein aisa kyon hoon” from Lakshya..That would have been really something and would have totally blown them away 🙂

  • ps – LOL. I can’t believe he actually came through!!

    Leo – Good Luck on seeing it in person 😉

    upsi – you guessed rt and no, you weren’t dreaming. Boredom vanished with Kashif 🙂

  • Hi,

    Thanks for dropping by at my blog.

    I read your tag on 8 things & enjoyed it. I also did it sometime back & it was fun !

    Gone thru some more posts here & liked the thought behind donation one .

    Once again thanks & keep visiting my blog.

  • muni – it helps having tweens at home 😉
    Lol@setha ponam. Seriously oru expression kooda kanum!

    Cuckoo – Sure thing! Thanks!

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