tag 2

Ive just done 1 tag before, and it was fun, but takes a while to sit down and do some peeking into yourself.

Lakshmi had tagged me, and it’s really long overdue, so here goes.

Here are the rules:

1. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
2. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
3. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

8 random facts about me in no particular order of randomness

1. I can’t just listen to a song. I have to choreograph it. In my head.
You’d think that’s fun, and it is to an extent, until one day you are randomly flailing hands and mudras in the car with the driver in the car next to you staring at you, or better yet, winking and giving you the thumbs up sign – hola crazy lady!
As an extension of it, I love to dance all around the kitchen table with the husband extremely worried that the kitchen’s going to sink into the basement and the kids not batting an eyelid as they are now used to it, with the munchkin wailing – stopppp!
Hey, it’s entertainment rt?!

2. I wear my heart on my sleeve.
Yes, it lies there unprotected and vulnerable on many an occasion. In effect it also translates to me being an open book. I have no issues sharing events and happenings to people around me, not random strangers but, the folks who are in my life on a sorta daily basis. If people have to judge me, then it’s their problem, not mine. I honestly couldn’t care less.

3. I can speak to an audience at the drop of a hat.
It can be any group of people, ages, there’s always something I can say and tide the moment over. I wasn’t born with the gift of the gab(?) It was a conscious effort and am glad I made it.

Way back in 8th grade, our school had this assembly in the morning, where each class was given a week to produce a prayer, thoughts, song and read the news and weather. I was one shy child and managed to escape the teacher’s eye up until then. I was fairly good in putting together essays and the sort, and so was given news to read. I made a beautiful draft and rehearsed like crazy for a week. The moment came, I stood there in front of the whole school, started reading from the paper, blanked out the whole news, read the last line and walked away into the classroom to bawl my eyes out. I was scared.
Friends came and told me that I sounded nice on the mike, and wondered why I left in a hurry. I felt terrible. It seemed like I was doing everything fine, except of my own doing that I failed. In my own eyes. I vowed to get better and volunteered everytime thereafter. My biggest triumph was to be voted the best speaker in college at graduation. It was awesome.

4. I love saris. Cotton saris.
I have 73 of them in my closet as of today. I know, am spoilt.
I find excuses to wear one. I have no qualms wearing one and walking into a non-desi event either, and thankfully am blessed with living in an area broad enough to accept diversity. I am proud of it, carry it in my attitude, and I’ve all but received compliments everytime I’ve ventured out in one.
Saris are elegant, gorgeous and sexy to the core depending on how you wear it 🙂

5. I am a kid at heart.
It seems a little strange and immature for a mommy to say this, but I have pretty much most of the characteristics that one would classify a kid.
It doesn’t take much to make me happy. I was so thrilled last Friday as the lady at Panera’s made me a mango smoothie. I described in detail to my colleagues who had a hearty laugh and even prompting one sweet one to hug me and say – o you such a kid. Hey, that smoothie was a work of art, and my eyes glowed with the final masterpiece I was given.
I can’t disguise, feign any emotion and I do get into a fair amount of trouble because that doesn’t really fit into the adult-world, and well, it isn’t acceptable.

6. I can’t lie.
I mean, I can, but it’s just that I get caught before I can breathe a sigh of relief. I try, and then am so miserable that I babble and ramble a whole lot of nothing and nonsense and ultimately truth just gushes out with me looking like a 4 yr old with a hand in the cookie jar. So I stay clear of such idiocies. You’d think I should be getting an award or something, but then again, we are living in a very adult-fake world, where pretense and being PC rule more than anything.

7. I am mostly a cheery person, and it’s hard for me to be down and depressed for long.
Life’s way too short. It reflects in my comments as well, if you see me writing “haha, lol, :))’ then I am actually smiling as I write that.

8. I have heel spurs on both my feet.
They hurt. A lot. That doesn’t stop me from wearing heels, flats, or prancing around barefoot on concrete floors. Aleve and a cold pack usually does the trick.

Phew, now that I am done, I’d like to pass the baton on to

Dushti – Love your scribbles but please pray tell us the other good stuff you made of 🙂
Pilgrim – Make it fun will ya 🙂
Kiddo – Could you, would you? 🙂
Munimma – Spill 🙂
Yarnspinner – You write so well, would love to know you 🙂
Baliga – be a sweetheart and indulge me? 🙂
Bharath – No nerdy stuff, do some soul-searching 🙂
OK – under 1 rule, no references to an X of any sort 😉

I can’t believe I actually found 8 people to tag! yay!

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19 replies on “tag 2”
  1. says: Ok

    1 is funny:). Couldnt agree with you more on

    “Saris are elegant, gorgeous and sexy to the core depending on how you wear it :)”

  2. says: leoNYdas

    RF4: I am a total sucker for girls in saris that are worn in an elegant, gorgeous and sexy way.
    RF5: “I can’t disguise, feign any emotion and I do get into a fair amount of trouble because that doesn’t really fit into the adult-world, and well, it isn’t acceptable.”
    I totally know how this feels.

  3. says: leoNYdas

    RF4: I am a total sucker for girls in saris that are worn in an elegant, gorgeous and sexy way.<br/>RF5: "I can't disguise, feign any emotion and I do get into a fair amount of trouble because that doesn't really fit into the adult-world, and well, it isn't acceptable."<br/>I totally know how this feels.

  4. says: Baliga

    i could never talk at the drop of my hat to an audience.. 🙁 i really cant. the thought of standing up alone in front of an audience is awwwful!!!!

    though the choregraphing the entire thing in ur head sounds awwsome! i love to do that with ultra cheesy bollywood numbers 🙂

  5. says: Dushti

    Am honoured 🙂 Will do the tag soon.

    Btw, I love saris too especially the crisp, elegant bengal cotton ones !

  6. says: Lakshmi

    Thanks for taking up the tag Rads !
    To compare with you, I have two left feet, I couldn’t dance for anything on earth. I can’t talk too much now, although back in school I was quite an orator !!! I LOVE sarees too, but sometimes in the Indian summer, I just feel better wearing a loose-fitting, cotton salwar. Aren’t we all kids at heart? And I am a hopeless liar too !!! 🙂

  7. says: rads

    Lakshmi – we are all related in soem goony way or the other! I relate to Indian summers and cotton salwars. The last time I was there, I wanted to stay in the pool the whole time. What a snob!

    dushti – I LOVE bengal cottons. The 1st gift I asked of my husband when we landed in those eastern parts were 3 saris. I still have them 🙂

    Muni – Pls do 🙂

    Baliga – that was awesome. Thanks! Cheesy Bollywood numbers are the best on a rainy sunday afternoon. Of course samosas rock all-time..

    Leo – It’s funny actually how many of us are that way…

    Ok – yep. Once I provided 2 mts of entertainment to a roadside crew! 😀

  8. says: Nandita Mundle

    I feel like ive been given an assignment…GRRRR 😀
    I like a good nerd should…have done it…
    Enjoi Maddi…

  9. says: Bharathwaj

    Wow.. what an excellent combination of traits.. And congrats on u r award.. Doin somethin we fear the most helps us overcome it .. Isnt’t it ?

    And beware, am the master of tags.. I once wrote 100 random facts abt myself in a blog..8 shud be easy 😉

  10. says: rads

    ps – :D, we all have our goofy moments I guess!

    Bharath – Thanks 🙂 ..100 RF’s – Good Lord, that must have been quite cleansing :p

    Nandita – :)) Enjoy madtini!

  11. says: Usha

    Strange it may seem, this is the kind of person I had imagined you to be – although “item No.1” (pun intended) caught me awe struck. Do you dance still, I mean, performances etc?

  12. says: rads

    usha – yes, I do dance Kuchipudi. I used to perform quite frequently, these days, pick and choose the events. Will be performing this weekend at DC.

    I am see-through aint i? 😀

  13. says: The Pilgrim

    Update the links on this post with specific tag posts 😀 Searching will be so much easier for me to read

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