i voted!

yes, I took some time off work, drove to my local school, and cast my vote. From the time I parked to the time I got back in the car, it took all of 2 minutes. More of the 2 minutes spent walking in than in doing the more important task of hitting the buttons.

Polls opened this morning at 6 am and Virginians have been maing their selection for the US House of Representatives and of course the Senate. Maybe some of you may remember the ‘macaca’ incident that bothered and flamed many desi americans quite justifiably over the past summer. Of course the Democrats made most use of Allen’s mis-use of words while pointing out to our very own 2nd generation desi kid. I even blogged about it.

In my annoyance I had generously donated an amount to the Webb campaign, then, and so continue to get flamig emails – not a single one not denouncing his opponent. It’s quite amusing when you sit back and think about it, but why do campaigners always, always bad-mouth the opposite party? I mean, is that the lay of the land, the way the game is actually played all across? Coz I don’t see any such harsh mud-slinging in schools, and even colleges. It’s always “I can do this” “i can get you this” so please vote for me” NOT “I can do this better, look at him, he’s a racist, or he did what? can you even trust your country leave alone your son’s education to him? ”

I was never politically inclined, so I’d never understand their machinations…

In any case, I like the fact that one of the parties already sends you home a sample ballot. It’s like a trial run for you at home, and depending on who’s sending you the ballot, the answers are highlighted accordingly.

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So, really, once you have this piece of paper beforehand, you can sift through the jargon, which usually sends my head reeling, you can make up your mind on which side you’d vote, and then it’s just a matter, of touch, touch, touch and cast! Simple eh?!

If you look closely, you’ll find a desi name – Neeraj Nigam . Of course, the conflict of choice was but for a few minutes. In fact, I know Sepia Mutiny ran a post on all desis standing for elections this year. Maryland had tons.

It’s interesting though, that I never got a chance to vote in India. Left before I got the rights, and now Ive lost them all..

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12 replies on “i voted!”
  1. says: Twisted DNA

    Those constitutional amendments and propositions must make anybody dizzy! I don’t know how many people take time to study the actual content and make up their own mind. The TV ads for these propositions make strong case for both sides πŸ™‚

    I hope to vote and make a difference in next presidential elections!

  2. says: Metlin

    Voting in India makes you feel helpless. There is nothing you can do, and the choices are ugly and uglier. And despite what people say, voting in the US is a lot more transparent.

  3. says: Twisted DNA

    You vote could that one vote that might tip the scales in the senate race πŸ˜‰ What a race in VA!

  4. says: Munimma

    That one there is a tough race!

    There was one article I read somewhere about negative campaigning. If you were given 2 choices and to reject one, and then the same 2 choice and to select one. Most people picked the same choice for both cases.
    Then there has been all that hungama over “supposedly” party campaigners calling to stress the same thing over and over.

    We are kind of in the same flight (boats are oh so old) here. Not surprising, eh?

  5. says: mommyof2

    The other day I watched the documentary on how they cheated during presidential election (faulty ballot result) so this time I refuse to go even though I got lots of message begging me to go & vote…;-) Last message was from Bill Clinton..(you know the recording one;-)

  6. says: rads

    wh – Scott adams is funny, though he is quite political in more ways than I can take. Since I am not too inclined to either camp, it makes a good laugh.

    Mommyof2 – oh no, you should vote. It’s a tiny difference, but difference it is. You are paying taxes, so you have a say. Those recordings are painful.

    artnavy – yes, I am, but then once a desi always a desi. πŸ™‚

    deepa – I see no resemblance absolutely :)) Sonu nigam’s voice is precious.

    orchid – I voted! hehe, I was up to no mischief believe me πŸ˜‰

    muni – I’d say it’s human tendency to pick the 1st one you LIKE – so depending on how results are wanted, the polls are made. VA was always a republic state, so yes, people are excited with the change. I think most are just fed up with war, and of course ‘macaca’ thing did have an effect.

    inder – πŸ™‚

    dna – yea, sat up till 1.30 watching the numbers. Surpriseingly only 50% folks showed up, imagine if more did. The verbiage is just to scare the common man, sift it out, and the whole thing culd be summed up in 2 sentences! πŸ˜‰

    metlin – I hated Indian politics, mainly coz of what they chose to publicize and how dirty they made it sound. Maybe it was, but to start relating to the workings of how things are run, it took a conscious effort.
    Indian politics seem to run on emotions and sentiments – at least once upon a time. Donno know, so can’t comment.

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