KANK – ugh – Hindi

Finally saw bits and pieces of it. My 2 cents.

1. Rani and SRK ‘s characters are such royal jerks. Not becos they go have an affair, but becos they are just horrid energy sucking characters to begin with. They played it to perfection which probably means that they are good actors to begin with!

2. Abhishek is drool-worthy.

3. Preity is perfect. She should’ve dragged SRK into counseling or dumped him a long time ago.

4. The soccer game was so lame. Which kid goes and gives an opponent the ball? Hit a goal in the wrong net – very do-able, but ‘you want it, take it’?? – SRK sucks as a coach! If my kid was on his team, I’d get him booted out.

5. Amitabh is overdone. I mean, cmon!

6. It should be rated R. With the sub-titles, let’s add L, S too. After the 1st 30 minutes, no way in hell could I let my kids watch it, and am no prude – but the impression and word play was way too blatant to ignore.

7. I understood the whole ‘love can hit you anytime’ concept, but somehow it didn’t ring true. Once you start disliking the spouse or bickering about him/her, there’s a fallout of some kind, any sweet-talking idiot placed in front of you would be ‘ideal mate’ personified. It’s called transference, perhaps. The fuzzy warmth is coz of comparison. At least that’s how I see in KANK. The 3 years later thing wasn’t convincing.

In any case, Karan Johar seems to get a kick out of provocation of ideals, and has crowned himself the new-age director, so as long as we have the “trio” such escapades in Bollywood will continue to flourish.

Bollywood needs a break from SRK, Rani, Karan Johar, Preity. Period.

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12 replies on “KANK – ugh – Hindi”
  1. says: Twisted DNA

    I didn’t see the movie but I read so much about it, I don’t have to 🙂

    “I understood the whole ‘love can hit you anytime’ concept, but somehow it didn’t ring true. Once you start disliking the spouse or bickering about him/her, there’s a fallout of some kind, any sweet-talking idiot placed in front of you would be ‘ideal mate’ personified.”
    I think you are right. It doesn’t have to be bickering I guess. One could be just bored in marriage. I know a couple of my married friends keep having crushes. And the women they have crushes on, are quite ordinary when compared with the wives of the guys in question. What you said is the only explanation I could come up with.

  2. says: rads

    mad – totalga bali ayipoyanu

    dna – I used bickering in a very casual sense, but you know what I mean. Marriage takes a conscious effort 🙂

  3. says: Usha

    I read an article where Karan Johar sums up his final take on the subject of the film:
    “With men and women handling far more responsibilities than conventionally assigned to them centuries ago, it is natural for them to expect more from life for themselves.”
    After watching the film who do you think has reasons to be discontented in this relationship and expecting “more”?
    Here is how I’d have ended the film:
    Wake up Maya, what you wanted was a child that you could not naturally have not Dev who cannot even spare his own child of his unhappy barbs. You should have had one of your famous “discussions” and decided to adopt one or two children and lived happily ever after with that dream of a husband.
    And dev, you should have spent the rest of your life among people less fortunate than you but who still lead happier and contented lives so you learn a lesson or two. Yeah, a coach in a home for the handicapped.
    And Ria, say yes to Arjun Rampal. If anyone deserves happiness and someone who values your worth, it is you. Go ahead, be nice to yourself.

    But then,I am not the director you see. What else do you expect from karan Joker?

  4. says: rads

    usha – perfect ending. but then we are talking bollywood, not art- imitates-life arty movies. There are so many in worse-off situations living peacefully, coz they have come to terms with what life has handed them.
    Sometimes I think we should be polled on endings 😉

    appu – yea, that’s the reason I delayed it so long

    artnavy – ayyayo! one more tag. Ok, will do. today.

    deepa – AB is and will always be a legend. But you know how it is, just coz u love pav bhaji and start having it everyday, one day, the smell of pav will be more than enough to make you throw up. There’s only so much of a good thing one can swallow.
    You are talking of AB sr rt?

    muni – AB jr. is a sweetheart. *sigh*

  5. says: kuttichuvaru

    theater-la poi paarthu avasthai patten intha padathukku!! aandavaa!! the only movie tat can compete with this crap for the worst movie of the yr is yet to release!! gabtan’s dharmapuri!! dnt miss it!!

  6. says: Kiwilakhs

    RAds: I think I am going to follow kuttichuvaru’s advice;-) will keep my eyes peeled for gabtan’s dharmapuri and then i can really tell which was worse – KANK or D. And any woman who prefers SRK to AB jr is definitely out of her tiny mind!!

  7. says: Shilpa

    I watched this in India and was shocked to see the audience accept such a lame movie. I mean…come on…they were rooting for SRK and Rani in the end ! Eeks…I guess morals have changed a lot back home…many things are easily accepted.

    Abishek was such an adorable husband. I think Rani’s character was mentally deranged to dump him !!!

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