Grocery Shopping For Keto At Whole Foods

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So this evening I went over to Whole Foods to pick up some Keto specific foods. Plus I really needed to get some fresh air after a very depressing weekend what with all that’s going on around the world. Plus I badly wanted to bake me some cookies and I was all out of Almond Flour!

As I was walking around the aisle with my Keto Cap on (That’s a cute way of saying I had flipped the switch to think low carb-high fat and protein) it hit me as to how simple shopping for groceries is. It’s very few and targeted items that you need and they seem to somehow serve you well and dandy for the next few days.

In case you are wondering how, it’s coz you make simple foods, and since you get so full quickly with limited quantity, you even have leftovers and so you don’t cook as much. Neat huh?

So here’s what I got. This is a small sub-sect of what you could buy at Whole Foods, and you may get some of the same kind/quality at Wegman’s or Trader Joe’s.

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Zucchini and Bok Choy: For my zoodles and Soups

That Yanni Grilling Cheese is Halloumi and it’s Jalapeno flavored. It tastes absolutely delicious with a tomato slice or plain or with some balsamic vinegar and is so filling! $7 is steep, but it lasts for 4 meals at least, so hey!

Totally love Whole Foods’ garlic butter. Adds a lovely subtle flavor when I cook with it.

Sunflower seeds are amazing for their protein levels and they also make a great snack. Including when i cycle. I’ll be roasting and adding spices to it this week so those afternoon munchies are taken care of

Fresh peanut butter! I love this one. Especially because you are doubly certain there is no sugar involved. I even checked with the store guys if they add any sugar to the peanuts and they denied and I believe them.

Hemp seeds: With close to 30gram of protein in one ounce, they are a vegetarian’s dream supply of protein macros! Use it in a smoothie, or dressing or sprinkled over salads and curries.

Stevia in liquid form, coz – well, really no coz, I just wanted a change than opening those packs.

Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour. This is a pricey pack at $10.00. I don’t bake or use it to make any kind of flat breads as much as many others do, so am okay with spending that amount for a month or two. Amazon has a better deal when you buy in bulk and maybe I will in the future depending. I love my Almond flour cookies tho, especially for that crunchy bite to go with the afternoon chai/coffee.

Sea Salt: I am trying this one as I couldn’t find the Himalayan Pink Salt, which Ive been using awhile now. This basically has less salt content, as in it’s less salty, and that helps to make the water not as salty while it fills the sodium necessary for the body.

..and finally, the Lindt 85% dark chocolate. The higher the cocoa content, the bitter the chocolate, but that also hits the spot. Nibbling on just ONE square gives you very little carbs and sugar while fixing that sweet craving.


A few other things that are available and nice at Whole Foods:

Cheeses: Incredible selection of cheeses! I try one a week 🙂

Olives: I don’t like olives much, but the olive bar is to die for (am told)

Various dressings and dips – they have some local farms also bring in their wares and I like experimenting.

Nuts and Seeds: So you can roast them and use as snacks.

Dairy: Almond/Soy milk and also their in-house butter!

Salad Bar: So apart from the usual vegetables you may want, you can also pick up the completely deliciously fat slabs of TOFU! There are usually four or more flavors, and I pick up two slabs and they last me for two-three meals for the week. I didn’t this time, as I forgot..

Protein powders: There are those, but I get mine from Costco. It’s a Whey protein.


Hope this helped a bit, so you can keep an eye out for what a Keto pantry would need. Will do a Costco one next, coz that place is a treasure trove!

If you are looking for menu plans – they are here and here. Also, easier way to check for all Keto related posts is to click on the Category. 

Let me know what you think!

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