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So I missed yesterday’s post as well. Sigh. That’s 3 posts missed in the NaBloPoMo. I feel terrible, but then I do not have the time to feel sad or sorry for myself or for the blog or for the initiative coz:

1. The reason behind doing the Post a day was to bring some order, discipline and get me to write again, freely and without strain. Think am almost there. Then again, its a continuous work in progress. I could lessen the frequency but the flow should remain if any kind of benefit must be attainable out off the last 2 weeks of writing.

2. I really am busy and have a few goals to achieve. More like mini-goals, and tasks and deadlines, so it isn’t like am goofing off, but am constantly putting out maintenance fires in between the real productive tasks.

3. Ive learnt that its okay to falter and its okay to not be perfect. Life is short and I need to let go.

4. I got a bajillion tasks that I need to complete soon, and I know this coz I discovered the Task bar in Gmail and the list is long. Not intimidating anymore, coz I fear no one or no entity, but it is long and they must be felled slowly and methodically.

5. I love making lists and writing numbered points. 🙂

Oh btw, I have a new page – Tags –  – a collection of all that I patiently wrote. Was a nice memory trip yesterday as I re-listed them and read most of them and realized that despite whatever I thought, I really haven’t changed much. Just that the body and mind has gotten slightly more busier and occupied but that the heart really hasn’t changed.

That’s a good thing right?


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