Yes. I am moving. It’s about time I did. Am bringing all my little flights of fancies around the net together under one roof. Stories or fables from here, photography from well, here and herehere and my own head and computer drive, and then something else that I’ve been brooding about, will all be under one home

Been on hold coz of a lot of other things that have been on hold in life, and then the task as arduous as it is, must be done. Am working with a deadline in mind and I hope the wills of Gods and my own spirit and mind will take me there. Coz unless I do this, I cannot do something else which I MUST get started on. 

So it’s time to tighten that belt (did I mention I had to make an extra hole in my favorite belt?, no, well, I did recently. So yay!) and get cracking. Am not getting into a story here, but Facebook has helped re-ignite this spark in me. Yes, good old meddling aunt of our times, Facebook. 

The world *is* an awesome place alright. 

So wish me luck, as I weed through my space and open somewhere around the time (October) this beautiful little blog turns 7 this October! 7 years. 

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11 replies on “kowthas.net”
  1. Super! It becomes easier for the audience like me to keep track of what is going on where. And by the way, it is asking me to login for viewing that website. Why so? and above that, it is also not accepting my wordpress ID & password! no idea why.

  2. says: Saumya

    Nice! Waiting for kowthas.net. It doesn’t allow me to log in though – you haven’t opened it up yet for readers is it?

  3. says: rads

    hey all, thanks for commenting! apparently no one comments these days. 😐

    so yeah, the blog is yet to open. am weeding and chucking some useless random posts and maing it all presentable. The idea of saying this out here is to get me to go do it. Kick in the butt sorts 🙂

    I am hoping mid-sep, coz at the rate summer is going – it will take me that much time to do the grand opening. But yay, I at least have 4 of you who’d read me 🙂

  4. says: Nandini Vishwanath

    Finally checked Reader and all that on a slow afternoon at work!

    Whoa! Moving everything under one ‘label’ will be awesome. Looking forward 🙂

  5. says: Lakshmi

    Um, can you forgive me for my break with following your blog – in case you forgot, we met a few years back – you, Terri’s mom and I ! I think somewhere life intervened.
    I rediscovered you at Emkay’s and hopped over and quickly added you on to my reader.

  6. says: Sangitha

    Just hopped over from your Women’s Web article and caught up on some of the old posts on this blog. Love your style of writing. Looking forward to the new home, which asked me to login and then made me doubt my own password! 😀

    Yeah, you have readers. And I didn’t know that people don’t comment any more?!

    1. says: rads

      haha, Sangitha, maybe if you were networked and continued to be in the loop with other bloggers, but I have been out of the circle awhile, so miss the interaction. 🙁

      Thank you! Ive commented on your latest post, your this comment came at the right time. You have no idea 🙂

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