to-do’s: tags and such

At the rate it’s been raining tags, if I don’t keep track or at least get started on them, am gonna get drowned!

  1. Tag1: Vijay’s creative find a picture and slogan to define yourself sorta thingy. I know exactly what I am going to do, trick is to find the visual. Maybe I should get ferrari’s or CC’s support here..
  2. Tag2: Zhu’s dinner meme. Am sure even she’s forgotten it, but see, this tag is so fun and I am having a good time just scripting it in my head. It’s like those budget-deprived decent movie scripts that lay fading on a dust-ridden shelf in a decrepit old movie houses. I also feel that it’s akin to the saying “the journey counts more than the destination” OK! I am just sugar-coating my lack of initiative, but one of these days, this script shall play itself out!
  3. Tag3: I believe I have Nice matters awards to hand out. Ive been a selfish little (ok, big) thing holding onto it. Lakshmi and mayG graciously conferred it and am supposed to continue the chain. I haven’t. Bad me. Need to do pronto.
  4. Tag4: Lekhni’s spill a secret. That needs some thought. Digging secrets that can be revealed. Requires some out of the box thinking.
  5. Tag5: Munimma’s favorite character tag. Do-able.


Now more of the littler important things:

  • Am on vacation starting now! so yay!
  • Still have stuff to oversee and check on tomorrow. Sucks.
  • A cubicle decorating competition that I so badly want to win, but can’t coz of all the work that needed to be completed by today. Am seriously debating on traipsing over Friday and creating a zing around my already quite fancy looking cube(I have red, white and blue themed shoe pictures hung on one wall!). I expressed it out by mistake and a colleague thought I was nuts. I grinned back. Now she doesn’t understand if I was being serious or just joking. Yay.
  • Missing a summer potluck at work. I hope they have lots of steak, chicken and beef. Wouldn’t miss a heartbeat on being 500 miles away
  • Driving up on Saturday into New England to meet sister after a year or so. Looking forward (or not!) to meeting her extended family. Should be an interesting few days.
  • Basement’s getting done, and the house is so cramped. I am jumping through boxes and sharp dangerous projectiles to get from point A to point B, even if they were across the kitchen table.
  • Oh well.
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19 replies on “to-do’s: tags and such”
  1. says: munimma

    Yeah, some people need a shove (tag) or a few to get going. Sheesh! ;-P

    to New Eng? And here I was thinking that I would get to (finally) meet you at the kuchipudi thingie on Saturday!

  2. What..? You’re the one rubbing it in! What with vacation and all? The only vacation I get is the July 4 long weekend, for which apparently I’m not going to be told where I’m being taken away. I just hope it’s not camping with a port-a-potty.

  3. says: sandsrandomramblings

    Have heard New England is extremely pretty. Am sure any place in better that Phoenix at this time of the year:( Have a good time!!

  4. says: rads

    Sands: It is. especially in Fall. Will pictures help or would that be cruel? ;-p

    shmetterling: lol, well, you just started work and you are apparently enjoying it! So no vacation till you are bored sick of it and will whine every Monday morning 😛
    Son’s off camping and boy, it’s scary!

    muni: lol. 🙂
    Don’ask about the trip. By the time we got everyone to say yes and adjust their work hours etc, it fell this weekend. Am a little upset, but what to do. It’s going to be awesome, don’t miss it. Maybe you’d bump into Altoid, she’s planning on going 🙂

    Baph: Nice try. You shall be tagged by the secret tag. I know your post would be juicy 😛

  5. says: Venkatdeep

    Thats a lot of tags to do!!
    Hmmm…. is this wat bloggers do all day long??!! 😀

    Blogrolling you if yo dont mind…


    Oh..btw…have a gr8 vacation!

  6. says: rads

    Pilgrim: oh but of crse, anything for your highness! :p

    La Vida: Thanks! oh, up to New England visiting family. 🙂

    Venkat: Thanks! 🙂
    lol, yes, Tag is plan B.

  7. says: rads

    Thanks Praveen, WT.

    BPSK: Oh yes, we are driving each other crazy with choices. The kids believe they would be lucky if they even get to see regular TV downstairs.

    Baph: Now see, this is find hard to believe. But we’ll just have to wait and see won’t we?

    WT: knew you’d like the shoes. Maybe I should soon do one on Bags 😀

  8. says: WT

    i own a pair of orange gladiators and these are quite the funkies as well. fortuntely(for dad), not into bag fetish but yeah you should! 😀

  9. says: rads

    sb: Thank you! The journey starts tomorrow!

    Sucharita: Nice seing you here. Thanks a bunch 🙂 Now that I know your opinion of tags consider yourself lucky 😀

    WT: haha, do you wear them with green pants? 😛
    O yes, bags are fun, but nothing beats sheos. 🙂

    maha-mantra: I know, I need help. *sigh. Will do 🙂

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