happy birthday dear munchkin

happy birthday to our sweetkin

another year has gone by

with you in our lives

so much fun

none to be outdone

a treasure you are

a little shiny star

I remember the pink toes

your daddy’s sharp nose

I shed a tear

as the doctor spoke of repair

my beautiful baby

so perfect

how could anyone dare

suggest a


Your dad and I

didn’t lose faith

you were our little angel

So here you are

3 times all over

crown princess of the family

we couldn’t have it any other way

At the beck of a call

your brother jumps at your every word small

your sister is the new me

a mommy in glee

You are a brat, a smart cutie

having your daddy around your little pinkie

Less said the better about me,

am just a hopeless mommy!

Happy birthday sweetie.

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16 replies on “munchkin”
  1. says: Munimma

    That is a winning smile! Great pic. H B’day to the little one. That was one heartwarming ode. She loves to dress up, eh?

  2. says: Orchid

    awww! how adorable..happy b’day to your munchkin!
    but seriously what is it with today?? i already left happy b’day notes on 3 other blogs!!!!

  3. says: rads

    Thanks Muni and Orchid.
    Yes, she is totally into dressing up. It’s fun, but sometimes she does drive us up the wall. 🙂

  4. says: rads

    petite, sunita, usha, KC, and dushti – Thanks everyone. She had a blast and so did we 🙂

  5. says: Baliga

    awwwwwwww shes the gemini u were tellin me about im assuming 😀 belated happy birthday wishes to munchkin. :DD

  6. says: Lakshmi

    Way too late to wish, but better late than never. HAPPY BIRTHDAY little one. She IS a perfect little angel.

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