After a very long 8 hour work day including

1 hour presentation of my own

1.5 hour of training

2 deadlines to meet by tomorrow

stressful search for carpool ride for the kids for the next two weeks of camp , coz I was an idiot and didn’t reply quick enough when the carpool mail did come out (well, okay, not totally an idiot, but with the reactive speed of a sleepy hibernating sloth), but which ends successfully after an hour long frantic calls, emails and plan B and plan C.

catching up with colleague who came back from vacation over a Chipotle lunch

come home to:

Mastergaru who whops my ass. Gently.

Daughter who also whops my ass. Easily.

My knee that’s killing me after a couple of hours of such whopping.

Yet, learning this amazingly lovely song set to a fast pace is divine.

It’s fabulously exciting and I think am this close to heaven.

Totally would do the somersaults if I could. The simpler, wiser choice is of course running to my blog and writing in it. I haven’t felt this free and happy in ages. It’s like a load’s off of me and it all started last afternoon after I got a call. Just what I needed.

Life is good after all.

..and o, I slept like a baby last night, not the one who’s still on 3 hour feedings, but the kind who sleeps through the night for 6 hours without tossing or whining or waking up with nightmares. Yeah.

..and while I was blissfully asleep, someone tried to “hack” into my vestige of a twitter account that I have lost all fascination for (and deserves a whole post dedicated to the social media nincompoopery I subject myself to!).  At a godforsaken 3.31 am! I may not use it much, but hey it’s mine! Then the genius decides to actually hit the “lost password” link. I wonder if the person realized that the link to reset password would go to the email that is in the settings, and not to their own. O maybe they did try getting into my gmail too! Yikes! *okay, that’s my story and am sticking to it*

Then again, am a security freak wife of a security freak IT geek. *insolence bordering on coolness*

I know. I crack myself up.

Top all of this with a bowl of Trader Joe’s Mango sorbet, and I am in heaven.


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21 replies on “nirvana”
  1. says: My3

    Oh you are just a modern Mom 😉 heh heh heh. Glad you got the carpools worked out. Love the Lalitha Sahasranama.
    Trader Joe’s! Many years since I went shopping there. Went recently to Whole Foods. Sorry to hear about twitter.

  2. says: Mrunalini

    I am not much of a dance person to know the nuances but would love to see how the lalita dhyanam is enacted. please post a link to the video in case you upload it.
    SO much packed in a day… no wonder you slept like a baby 🙂

    1. says: rads

      Yo! I donno which idiot u talking about, but the idiot I pinged didn’t care to converse. So am miffed!
      ..and that was the time I was writing this post 😛

  3. says: Sands

    good to see you upbeat and blogging. Now have to try the Mango Sorbet!!!! Sounds divine given the temperatures we are enduring (grhhhh!)

  4. says: Meera

    From your earlier posts, I had pegged you as a stay at home mom… but now I’ve realized you’re a working mom. Whoa.

    When you meet someone face to face, you form a certain impression (come on, all of us judge 🙂 ). And I’m realizing that blogs (the personal kind) have a similar effect – gives you a glimpse into that person’s life. And when you find yourself nodding and agreeing with the content, it’s like hitting it off with the person – without ever meeting the person. What a concept eh

    As you can see, I am new to the blogging world, and that my great realization isn’t really great, it’s just a day late 🙂

    1. says: rads

      Meera, it’s only natural and I think it’s more so much as forming an opinion than judging. We’ve all done that, and it’s inevitable. 🙂
      Ive stayed home and stepped out now, and both have a charm of their own, and most of the times the grass is always greener on the other side!

      Blogging’s a fine medium as long as one knows exactly what one wants from it. The want will change with time for most too. As long as you are enjoying it, welcome to the breathing ever-growing kahuna 🙂

      1. says: Meera

        I suppose when we act on the opinions, it turns into judging 🙂 Semantics.

        For me, I wish I could create an in-between world that somehow combines using my brain (for other than creating meal plans), and being a full time mom, it’d be ideal. those jobs are hard to come by. Not sure if it even exists!

        What job did you “step into”?

        I have a blog – but I don’t write too often:

  5. says: Meera

    Okay… I don’t know the job you stepped into. But did you get a chance to check out my blog? 🙂


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