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Same time last year I had read the book Palace of Illusions and had reviewed it in my own rudimentary style on the blog. It came as a big surprise that it was linked at Blogbharati and reached more eyes through that avenue in the days after and even a few hits every few weeks or so. Β Recently there has been a spur of activity on that search term, and for posterity sakes, I added in a pingback on my own post.

So yesterday as I sat in a meeting with the client in the middle of cold foggy town in Pennsylvania, I checked my email. My eyes popped out of their sockets when I saw a comment from Chitra Divakaruni. I gasped appropriately and created a significant ripple around the large table, and with having no time to further investigate chalked it to someone playing a prank, and hushed myself with the right amount of embarrassment.

I come home beat, and after playing the mom and a cook’s role to the hilt, with my eyes half-dead, I sat to investigate.

It is indeed the lady whose book – Palace of Illusions – I reviewed and enjoyed immensely!

As I let that sink in, am flattered and happy, that the published author of her stance would actually take the time to spend more than a few minutes on my blog! To comment and clarify on the few questions that reading her version of the well written story prompted.

I read my review again, and I dare say am actually quite pleased with what I wrote, and how I wrote it. Reading our own in retrospect brings a fresh perspective to it, and it did.

That made me go back and read a few more posts of those days and I cannot help wonder that my better posts have been during the late ’07 and on in ’08. Sometimes it makes me wonder and I hope am wrong, that maybe just maybe my better times was in the past?

Either way, I couldn’t not post this little happening and brag and gloat on my 2 minutes πŸ™‚

There’s of course a person with a sense of humor who’s also posed as Salman Rushdie himself and commented, and it did bring some nice laughs this morning!

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