You know how everyone, the world, the books, the scientists, the SNL folks and CNN included claim that the female gender is difficult to read? That they just don’t get what a woman thinks or says? I protest.

Women areΒ easy to read.

Men on the other hand are the most puzzling creatures on earth. I’d go so far as the universe, but that would be dramatic. You’d think, feed them in a couple of different ways, and they’d cuddle in your lap like sweet adorable pups?


Or am I the only moron around?

It’s alright, be brave, give it to me.

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21 replies on “posing”
  1. says: metlin

    See, half the time I have no clue what Lana is pissed about. I just sit there and blink, give up and go back to thinking about beer or something totally random and unrelated.

    Can you believe that she was jealous of my new Blackberry for a week? Wth!

    Then again, she may have difficulty gauging my emotions because I am a ninja and I can hide them well. On the other hand, my expanding midsection and love for food confuses her. So she thinks I am a cross between a sappatturaman (prods BPSK) and a ninja.

    A poonal wearing turtle! Hah. Teenage Mutant Ninja Iyers.

  2. says: Ok

    I find both the genders difficult to understand. So, there you go. I find kids easy to understand. They like ice-cream, chocolates (maybe cricket) and they dont think too much about life, philosophy etc. They are happy if they get ice-cream and unhappy when they dont.

    So I actually prefer grown-ups who havent actually grown, like my sweet roommate!

  3. says: Madhu

    I Can’t agree more with you on this! Acc to me, they just use it as an excuse and “refuse” to understand woman.

  4. says: deitaDi

    aink?! umm.. erm..

    reminded me of this song

    baavi lOtu intani telusu
    nadula lOtu kontE telusu
    aaDa gunDe lOtu entO lOkam lO evariki telusu
    E nimusham premistundO, E nimusham pagabaDatundO
    eppuDelaa maarutundO telisina magavaaDu lEDu
    raagam.. anuraagam.. era vEsi jata chEri
    kanneeTa munchutundiraa

    (joins cyd)

  5. says: Pavan

    I totally agree.. women *are* easy to read, only if one knows to read in hebrew/maya etc. πŸ˜‰ but on a serious note, isnt it an individual-based rather than gender based?

  6. says: rads

    See, I knew this was what was gonna happen. 2 camps :p

    Pavan – very funny@hebrew/maya.
    Thanks for raising a valid reasoning! See women at least ramble, you can fliter what u want, men just shut up and stare at the TV. What do you make of silence then? :

    Prestid: You are an awesome dude! So just chill πŸ™‚

    Deita di: When are you coming over this side? πŸ˜›

    Dushti: we need to all write posts on this. Create a revolution on wp/blogger. What say?

    Madhu: Hit the nail. Anyways the name’s stuck, just as well flog a dead horse sorta..

    Baph: you and presitd don’t join the ranks of men we women speaketh of πŸ˜‰

    OK: You are on the fence with this? :O

    Metlin: rofl@nick πŸ™‚
    btw, I wish the husband was engrossed with a blackberry, I’d have some reason to go hopping mad abt.
    He brings a new meaning to the word ‘om’

    Lakshmi: Thanks. Let’s post on this?

    Cyd: Duck all u want, timezones can only protect u so much πŸ˜›

    KC: True. Just what the husband would say! Men! :p

  7. says: Zhu

    Nope, I agree. Women are pretty straightforward… at least, I feel straightforward !

    I’ll post the “what’s in your bag” tomorrow BTW… πŸ˜‰

  8. says: SK

    Hmm may be it has nothing to do with the gender but just depends on the person..
    The men I have had opportunity to be close with, not many, do seem like puppies simple and uncomplicated.. :–))
    Do they change when they grow up ?

  9. says: Baliga

    haha… umm i dont know. honestly. sometimes thye are quite easy. at other times frustrating. just plain lets beat them frustrating.though when it comes to relationships(louve and the like;) a frends orkut (tht personal column thingy) said : finish with the men aldready and move onto the women.quick! :PPP hmmmmmmmmmm…..

  10. says: rads

    Silvara: lol, so little martian men eh? πŸ˜‰

    baliga: lol@orkut testi – Seriously speaking tho’, aren’t they a riot. Such joy they spread on a boring afternoon at work!

    SK: What are you hinting? That you know only little boys or I know older men? πŸ˜›

    Yeah, in all fairness, it is quite character-specific. πŸ™‚

    Baph: I haven’t grown up myself, why would I advise you of such? :p

    Zhu: Coming over πŸ™‚

  11. once had a forward, 2 images.. first image is a circuit board to attract a woman…with buttons for praise, prize, dine, shop, please, and much more actions….second circuit board with buttons to attract man…Smile…

    tat alone explains the complexity of the womono sapien…

    apart from that from my personal experience i could say that women are not tuf to understand provided u get ur basics right πŸ™‚

  12. says: Cydonian

    Actually, to be totally honest about it, that was just for kicks. I don’t find women to be complicated at all; I’ve always found women to be very very easy to read.

    Battle of the sexes is overrated. It’s all over. I’ve won. Thank you for playing.

  13. In a nutshell, “Have you wondered why only Women ask this question and men never!” Because men know that women are complicated in their mind and men being smart do not want to complicate their lives.


    Women are complicated. Men understand that. But men don’t understand why do women need to create complications in a simple situation.

    But women are so complicated that they do not see the fact that men are not at all complicated. So women think, they cannot read men.

    But there is another reason, Women have stopped listening what men have to say and have started assuming what men ‘MAY’ have said.

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