potpourri – 3

A bunch of random bullets in no particular order or importance.

1. I am suddenly quite bored. Pretty sure I have ADD or one of its cousins. Have tons to do, but nothing seems right.

2. Work’s getting frustrating NOT because its not challenging coz it’s just a bunch o useless hoops we are running through. Have a deadline tomorrow and there is some amount of work to be done, but weirdly I don’t feel like it. Ah heck, tomorrow will be a better day.

3. Had some nice tuxedo-black-marble-chocolate-mousse cake. Pretty sure am calling it all wrong but it was yum! Birthday celebration and all. I indulged and succumbed to the C food. So for those of you who’ve turned a nice shade of green can go back to being snug again. The size still has remained same, so there!

4. Are adults allowed to be jealous? As in not envy, but jealous.
If yes, I am. I know, am no saint.
If no, tough luck, I am.

5. Have to write a toast for a friend’s wedding this Sat. I’d like for it to be sweet, loving, teasing, humorous, and well, not boring! Known them a while and it really is a cause for celebration. I started, and laboriously managed 2 lines. They are terrible. Need to get a rush on it, but how can one create romance and love when one doesn’t feel it. Maybe I will feel the love tomorrow.

6. Coffee is becoming very bad at work. Forced to spend a toll of $4 on Starbucks almost everyday. Not funny.

7. Bourne was awesome. One of the best sequels I’ve seen. Seeing it with a friend helped. I like to enjoy my movies. Popcorn and laughter, whispers and shock, comments and nudges. Yep, that’s the way I like a good kick ass action movie.

8. Got my left ear cartilage pierced over the weekend. I yelped more than the daughter. Shame on me.
She says ‘aah’
I say ‘Oww, oww, ouch!’

Thank heavens all the 5 yr olds who’d lined up got done earlier. I am no role model. No Sirree!

9. Is it good to hog a friend? Considering how difficult it is to make one when you can’t just rely on the sandbox o your apple to share.

10. Will be meeting a friend-turned-nemesis tomorrow. I hate such situations. Awkward and no fun when it’s supposed to be fun. Should I smile and nod, or just nod, or should I act like I don’t care, or should I act like nothing happened and make small talk. All choices suck.

11. I’d rather be laying there right now. And stay there.

12. I backed out of the garage yesterday to a loud screeching sound. I’d rammed the right mirror into the edge and nearly pulled it off the car. Drove with no mirror help, and had to keep craning my neck to check right lanes, and was very irritated when I got to work. The flip side is the husband wasn’t informed. This morning, taking a skill from Mechanic Mary, I figured I should fix the mirror myself. So nudged and pushed and grunted it back into position. Squeezing my pinkie in the process. It is sitting well, and the controls work. So now I need to account for just my sore pinkie, which really isn’t a biggie considering the lack of husband’s observation skills wrt wife. So another war averted and the bombs have been tanked. Hallelujah!

13. I need to shut up, log off and get dressed to go for a sangeet for the above friend. At least there would be some singing and dancing. Which always puts me in the mood, so there is hope after all!

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24 replies on “potpourri – 3”
  1. says: Silvara

    Ohhh…that hammock looks so tempting…not a bad place to spend the rest of your life 😛 With the cake you mentioned and I’d be in heaven 😛

    Yay! Sangeet! I’m in the midst of clumsily choreographing something suitable for my own because I know nobody will let me just sit there. Sigh. But fun times 😛

    When I got my nose pierced, funnily enough it hurt less than when I got my ears pierced for the 2nd time. Strange.

    Friend-turned-nemesis situation?? Be polite I guess…but don’t talk if you don’t want to.

  2. says: maverick

    iam just back after driving a friend’s car whose left mirror was broken, wat did i end up with ? couple of excercises to my spinal cord, two honks and god knows how many F-words.

  3. says: Anonymous


    “6. Coffee is becoming very bad at work. Forced to spend a toll of $4 on Starbucks almost everyday. Not funny.”

    looks like bostongal is not a good enough influence. check out clark howard’s bulletin boards.

    – s.b. [as usual, commenting before reading the entire post]

  4. says: SK

    Hope you have fun in the evening.
    Rads is always energitic and fun and happy – thats what I think of her.
    I am sure you will bounce back soon. :–))
    Dont you get Starbucks coffee for $1.60 or something?

  5. says: rads

    sk – lol, at least one of us has me down pat 😀
    Yes, yes, lotsa fun. Dancing is good for the soul 🙂

    sb – I adore bostongal. she does have a handle on things doesn’t she? 🙂

    maverick – left? Left mirror is okay rt? or did you mean right?

    I drive 22 miles, of which 18 are on a hiway, so mirrors sorta become indispensable.

    silvara – hammock’s are sooo comforting! It’s like being in a cradle all over again, not that I remember how one feels in a cradle 😀

    Sangeet was very involved. Both sides families “performed” and it was a cozy little thing. Song and dance are such fun stuff – I mean, forget bollywood, it just is, and I grew up with straightfaced parents! 🙂

    Nose piercing! I have a whole story on that. Its the mind playing tricks alright!
    Friend-nemesis – less said the better. Shudder!

    I didnt see your comment for outfit on triclors, but thank you!! :))

  6. says: Metlin

    Heh. I am itching to go back to school. Just not sure what I want to do but I am tired of the options. Perhaps something outdoorsy and fun, like glaciology or volcanology or something.

    And oh, I have at least a couple of cappuccinos at ‘bucks everyday. I call it a necessity in my life.

  7. says: Schmetterling

    Will be meeting a friend-turned-nemesis tomorrow. I hate such situations. Awkward and no fun when it’s supposed to be fun. Should I smile and nod, or just nod, or should I act like I don’t care, or should I act like nothing happened and make small talk. All choices suck.
    All I have to say is that I hope it was a lot less awkward and a lot more fun. I had one of those over my trip to Madras, and it was not fun to say the least. Horrifyingly, it was horrifying. And I pretended to enjoy myself!
    And if you think your piercing has gone all wrong, I’ve had my nose pierced thrice, twice with a surgical needle without anesthesia. 😀 And yay, I’m back 🙂

  8. says: Ok

    W.R. Post: Isnt it a lot of fun writing things in bullets? You dont need to think about connectors, segways and bridges. Just say what you want to and you are done. No frills!

    Lol at 4. Thats the attitude. You go girl!

    W.R. 6: I am faced with a similar situation. I just gulp the coffee to save the buck.

    W.R. 10: How does a cat fight sound?

  9. says: Terri

    rads, go on, say it. You’re jealous of me because of all the action I’m getting on the home front, right?

  10. says: rads

    Terri – the action you and I are getting won’t light a teeny campfire in the blazing desert. So no sweetie, it’s not you *sigh

    Ok – yes! Logical and analytical all the way. 🙂

    Can a guy and a girl have a cat fight? Either way, I suck at confrontations. I just sulk, whine and simmer. The deluge of tears are nasty I tell ya! ..but I have my ways *evil wink*

    schmetterling – welcome back girl! 🙂
    I had a nosering done too when I was 13. Don’t remember the pain much. I’d imagine as you grow older the pain tolerance increases for obvious reasons, but I seem to be on the decline!
    I still have to get a nose ring done, just don’t like the tattoo parlor and needles much. Gun shot any better?

    Metlin – I love school. I can go back and spend the rest of my life in school if I have to so yes, you should.

    I kid myself too with the mantra – I deserve it! 😀

  11. says: kuttichuvaru

    looks like the hubby doesnt read ur blogposts….. shld let him knw….. wud be fun :p more wars!!!

  12. says: rads

    ferrari – Nota problem. Just don’t count on any conversation after that. Yep, we define anti-socialism 🙂

  13. says: Terri

    rads, looks like you’re on a roll here. Anti-social, eh? I wonder if the husbands could actually be lost-in-Kumbh-mela twins.

  14. says: Schmetterling

    the gun shot is less painful, but apparently not very accurate on the cartilage/nerve front for the nose. which is why i preferred to inflict the torture upon myself. ask your doctor if they would do it for you. 😀

  15. says: rads

    sb says


    in real life, i would complete the set of triplets then ;-).

    – s.b.

    A fauxpas while publishing.

  16. says: rads

    sb – You should get VB to join us. Consolation is in order.

    Schmmetterling – Ok, that settles it. My nose isn’t exactly a best feature, so why screw it up.
    You are free to call me a chicken if you so please. 😀

    terri – lol, yea. Whats the alma mater?
    At the rate it’s going, my blog needs to be renamed kumbh-kowthas or something more appropriate. 🙂

  17. says: Anonymous


    “I wonder if the husbands could actually be lost-in-Kumbh-mela twins.”

    has there been a recorded instance of (homo sapiens) lost-in-kumbh-mela-or-not twins born a week or so apart? just wondering 😉

    – s.b.

  18. says: Twisted DNA

    I discovered recently that Starbucks has a size smaller than “tall”. It’s called “short” 🙂 They hide the cups from you but you can ask for it. That kind of reduces my monthly cost of Starbucks.

    What do you get at Starbucks by the way?

  19. says: rads

    tdna – I just did, and guess what, drank it free! The guys were nice and colleague and I were chatty and smiling, am just having a good day I spose! 🙂

    Mocha with white cappucino.
    Frappucino – vanilla/double choc chip depending on the mood.

    what’s yours?

  20. says: Twisted DNA

    I like cappuccino but I stick to regular brewed coffee. Americans shouldn’t even attempt to make Cappuccino.

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