Here’s mine.


Anyone else doing the colors?

Happy 60th all you fine desis 🙂

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36 replies on “tricolors”
  1. says: Archana

    I thought long and hard. I own NO skirts/pants/capris/footwear in green. Ditto orange. Only tops. I will have to settle for two out of three (four? incuding chakra) I guess. Which would be equivalent to normal work day clothes. Sigh!

  2. says: maverick

    ha, i remember u said green top and orange flip-flops, so flipped it eh? :)mmmm jus thinking wat could i wear on my part, i cant wear a orange shirt or a green pant. so may be i’ll wear a white shirt, orange cap and roam around holding green salad in my hand 🙂

  3. says: rads

    tdna – Nope nope, played with the arrangement. I was going for the ad look 🙂

    Mav – hehe, thats perfect! Post a pic tooo! Yeah, I had to play around a little bit, what with all the pressure from the learlier post 🙂

    archana – nooo, ok, wear an orange/green top, and slip a shirt over it in the other color. That’ll work.

    OK – 😀

    Pilgrim – repeat after me – “tricolors, tricolors, I will focus on the tricolors”

    Those are blue beads –

    Beads are around.
    Chakra is round.
    The colors are blue.
    That should do? 🙂

  4. says: Anonymous


    that looks nice. formal wear (for women) in the usa typically looks so drab (to me)!

    i tried repeating your mantra for pilgrim, and i came up with ‘try colours, try colours’ ;-). of course, fwiw, i am wearing none of the three colours!

    – s.b.

  5. says: madsies

    Hey, managed to find white, green and blue I give up!!!! No Not exactly, I think my A girls have some orange bandana, probably will wear that for the evening 😀 – Vandematram 🙂

  6. says: rads

    madsies – Goody! Didn’t find any jhakaas orange chandeliers? :p

    sb – 🙂
    Well, a single letter makes a difference, and the world’s suddenly so colorful eh? 😀
    Oh you should’ve! Couldn’t grab a white and a blue?

    Sreerama – thanks for clarifying! 🙂
    You have no idea the lengths girls have to go in the name of fashion. *sigh

  7. says: The Pilgrim

    I am repeating:-

    try size try size try size … after the colors, come the size once u have managed the first part, the second part needs to be focussed now 😀

  8. says: maverick

    blue all the way, everyone seems to be ignoring the chakra, so i pledged i’ll elevate it. so blue jeans, striped blue T and blue flip-flops :), decorated my blog with the other colors though, come see 🙂

  9. says: rads

    Maverick – Nice colors! 🙂
    hehe, rooting for the forgotten eh? 🙂

    Sreerama – enjoy the time 😀

    A Muser – I know!
    happy I-d day to you too 🙂

    Loga – totala 🙂

    Pilgrim – hehe, I have ADD. :p

  10. says: Bharath

    U gals r lucky..

    Imagine a guy with orange shirt, white belt .. with a blue buckle.. and a green trousers.. 😛

    Happy Independence Day !

  11. says: upsilamba

    hey rads — thats neat!

    Vande Matharam!

    we going to the nearby dabba to have some tricolored biriyani for dinner tonite. Howz that?

  12. says: rads

    upsi – dhaba, tricolor biriyani. wow! Where are you?! Can I come along, or better yet doggie bag me some? 🙂

    Bharath – some girls would like to call it a bane 😀
    Don’t have to imagine hard, look at NTR and ANR’s movies from the 80’s 😉

  13. says: Dushti

    Me too managed to wear an orange tee, white capris and a greenish blue footwear ! Not even a single soul at work noticed 🙁

  14. says: rads

    dushti – good girl!
    why’d anyone notice – actually they should and could, but let’s not go there now 😀

    You should go announce. I did. Everyone were quite entertained and I managed to draw the lunch break to 1.45 mts and then again we took snaps, so that was another 45 mts. 😉

  15. says: SK

    Wow, Green color footwear, interesting! :–))
    I wore white and green. Dont have anything in orange/saffron :–(
    Happy Independance. :–)

  16. says: rads

    leo – u too! Having fun? 🙂

    Pavan – lol, your eganesha was creative!!
    hehe, doubt patriotism did 😀

    SK – I know. Actually it’s a pretty pair, wearing it with its own family makes it less ‘green’! 😀
    2 out of 3 colors is good. 🙂

  17. says: PreethZzZ

    wish you a happy independence day… so wht is the significance behind these tri colours! 😛 😉

  18. says: Silvara

    My comment didn’t go thru! I swear I had commented on this fine ensemble…but who knows, I’m in such a daze these days…lol

    Hope you had a great Independence Day anyways 🙂

  19. says: rads

    preethzz – lol, yes yes, we know. This reminds me of my colleague – a Mr.J famous for my ‘sambar makes a 911’ post. He insisted that Ashoka Chakra was black in color! 😐

    Silvara – daze is good, esp before the d-day 😀

  20. says: Schmetterling

    Independence Day at the capital, awesome to say the least. India Gate was dressed up in the tricolours 🙂
    I swear I have extremely similar shoes in polka dots and navy blue. The thing in front and the tie ups are navy blue!!

  21. says: Terri

    rads, you guys have no dress policy at work? That outfit in my establishment would have brought out the fashion police; but I like it! Right down to the cinched waist ….

  22. says: rads

    Terri – We do, we so do! Even on Fridays. But see, for this I set the stage. I spoke about the colors all 13th and all 14th that everyone were prepared for me being colorful! 😀
    Cinched waist – what we don’t own we dream up in creation!

    Schmetterling – pictures? 🙂
    Espadrilles are fun, but if you aren’t careful with what you wear, you could look like a Roman in a toga! Experience speaketh. 🙂

  23. says: Schmetterling

    Roman in a toga! Hmmm. Not the look I would go for. I however did the lycra leggings, kurti and black leather stiletto tie-ups for dinner tonight 😀 Big Hit.

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