rainy day..

On a rainy day, I am the happiest person on earth.

There is something about the drops that shower us, the earth, the leaves, washing, cleansing, almost nudging us to a fresh start.

I love the smell of rain.
I love to hear the rain fall, occasionally soft, sometimes loud, but always heard.
I love the sight of puddles forming, the drops from the leaves, the window sills and the umbrellas.
I love me in the rain.
Rained by you.

 20130628-181200.jpgIt rained today. All day. The clouds gathered strong and the gray got intense, almost dark before noon. I could hear the rumble of the thunder as I showered. It got dark swiftly and before I knew it, the moment took over.

The sound of the rain, the drops lashing at the glass panes, the trees swaying in the wind, the water on my skin, the barely there light and the bubble within which it all happened. I could have frozen the scene, and given it to you on your birthday. Coz you’d have loved it, as much as you are right now, watching me from a few feet away. As if you were there yet not. Like the droplets on the rose leaves in the yard. The way a lotus leaf is wet, yet not.

You on me, yet not.


Water rushes down the spout onto the stone urn I picked up at the yard sale last summer. The urn barely able to hold the gush of water, managing only to be a conduit, to hold and then to let go. Not unlike how you do to me, when I least expect it.

The grass grew greener, the earth grew browner, the shingles grew an intense black, and the brick wall turned a deep red. The drops in the background providing a symphony for the palette of colors around me.

With a gentle rush of emotions, one tumbling into another you engulf me. Coloring me, completely. Drawing your thoughts on my bare shoulder with your fingers, your smile painting my face, your lips sketching your unsaid words on mine.


..and just like that, the rush gave way to a trance. The music slowed down the waltz into a gentle pace.

The puddles on the driveway formed large and clear. The raindrops now lingering to the edge of the leaves, clinging onto one last moment before they plunge to join the rest of them down below. The sky turned a pale blue, the clouds exiting magically, the birds peeking cautiously, while drying their feathers. I look down into the puddle and watch the water settle down into a clear canvas. A mirror.

I see the tree leaves, the sky and then I see me. I see you, right next to me.

I like to watch you watch me. It’s like watching myself. That’s who we are. A reflection of each other.

From the kind of food we like, to the colors, to the way we sleep, to the way we hope, you are my mirror.


On a rainy day, am the person who will love you the most. Coz, I love rain, as much as I allow you to love me.

On a rainy day, I am the happiest person on earth.

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4 replies on “rainy day..”
  1. Ohhh! A day’s tiredness and sombre mood simply disappeared after reading your post; so thoughtful, so evocative, so alive, and yet somewhere there is a train of poignance. It brought the cooling rains within, even when without this day was bone dry and hot. I am glad I thought of encouraging you to write more.

    Now about those vacation photos, 10 is not a bad number for the kind of photoblog you write… (Hint, hint!)

    1. says: rads

      OJ! lady, what a pleasant surprise to see you here! Thank you and yay at twins. How are u? 🙂

      Thought I replied to this when I got it. :/

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