Recipe: Nuts, Spiced Nuts As A Snack { #atozchallenge}

Flavored And Spiced Nuts A Keto Snack

While on keto, the biggest challenge is not resisting craving but “what to snack on?” when it isn’t a full-blown craving, or you aren’t really hungry, and yet, you surely could use a pick me up!


While on the low-carb/keto diet and lifestyle, we are limited in snacks. Mainly and only because we are so used to grain-based snacks, and since grains are out, a large part of the usual chips and popcorn, cookies and such are out.

It requires some major head scratching to figure out a suitable small quantity food item that’s low in carbs and calories and yet satiate the tongue, and especially if you are a vegetarian.

Spiced nuts #vegketobyrads

Apart from cheeses which provide fat and protein while mostly being zero carb, nuts are a great snack. They provide a fair amount of fat, and some protein while keeping the net carbs low. There are differences in each tho, so I’ve included a breakdown of their nutrition so you can easily tell which is more keto-proof than the rest. All nutrition is for one ounce of the nut.

Ive only taken the ones that I’ve most liked and also the ones that are lower in carbs than the rest. Peanuts are not nuts, they are legumes but since they are the most mistakenly adopted into the nut family, I’ve included them as well 🙂

Here’s a simpler comparison chart I put together.

Nut comparison chart vegketobyrads
                Side by side comparison of the 5 nuts commonly used

Net carbs = Carbs (including sugar) – Fiber

In Keto, we pay attention and limit our net carbs, fiber is necessary and hence is not counted as a carb, as opposed to sugar which does affect the blood glucose levels.

By the chart above, Macadamia nuts are a super winner! Since it contains the most fat with the least carbs. This may also be a good time to tell you that am addicted to those 10-12 nuts. Sometimes all I do is eat those nuts for breakfast with a protein shake. Or I measure them out in a bowl on the kitchen counter and nibble on them all day long. They are that delicious, and this cute purple box at Costco is my favorite buy!

One slight warning with nuts as a snack tho:

IT’S SO EASY TO OVEREAT THEM! Sneaky little things I tell you. One minute you are popping the first one in, and next you know, your hand is searching for the nuts inside the now empty container. I kid you not. I could eat macadamia nuts all day long. or those boiled peanuts with some mango bits. You get the point.

My tip is to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS measure your ounce out and then close the container away, take your bowl far away from that space and DO NOT REFILL.

I kid, but you know what I mean right?

Nuts are nice.

Nuts are nicer roasted, toasted and fried.

Nuts are the best when they are spiced!



I have a couple of different combinations of spices that I use for making any of the nuts a little more interesting, with a bit of a jazz and heat. They all follow the basic rule of mixing and then roasting/baking.

Spice mix + coconut oil (or ghee) poured over the nuts and slow roasted either on the stove top on medium heat with some babysitting or in the oven at 300 deg F for about 15-20 minutes. The slower the nuts are roasted on low-medium heat, the better the flavor. 

SPICED NUT MIX 1: Sriracha mix. This is heady and has a super kick to it.

In a cup, add 2 tbsp of sriracha, 1/2 tsp of salt, 1 tsp of sugar (equivalent or coconut sugar), 1 tbsp of lime juice and 1 tbs of melted coconut oil and mix well. Add to the cup of almonds/peanuts and coat well.

Pan roast slow or bake in oven as above.

Spiced nuts #vegketobyrads Sriracha

Yeah, i know it isn’t the prettiest nut out there but I assure you the flavor more than makes up for it. 😉

SPICED NUT MIX 2: Mexican flavor, is mild but distinct taco flavor

In a cup, add 1 tbsp of taco seasoning, 1 tsp of salt, 1 tsp of chili powder, 1 tbs of melted coconut oil or ghee and mix well. Add to the cup of nuts and coat well.

Pan roast slow or bake in oven as above.

Spiced nuts #vegketobyrads #mexican

SPICED NUT MIX 3: Indian flavor

In a cup, add 1 tbsp of chili powder, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp amchur, 1/2 tsp of garam masala (or chaat masala) and 1 tbsp of coconut oil or ghee. Add to the cup of nuts and coat well.

Pan roast slow or bake in oven as above.

Spiced nuts #vegketobyrads

Some pointers:

The mixes are where the fun is. Try and make your own. Use different flavors and spices but try and stick with similar cuisines for best effect.

If you are mixing nuts, then roast them individually and THEN mix them up. Pecans take a longer time to roast as opposed to peanuts and so to prevent burning, do them individually and then mix them up together after checking the taste.

The nuts stay crisp longer if you let them air dry and cool after removing from the heat/oven.

If you have to serve them warm, I recommend pan roasting instead of microwaving. They are crispier, microwave tends to soften them.


If you like this recipe and you’d like to check out the other low-carb recipes I have, click the link below. This is part of the #AtoZChallenge that’s running around blog circles this month and I’ve been making my way through the alphabet.

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