The first time I listened to the songs from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, I wasn’t hugely impressed, except for Pappu can’t dance which was catchy. Then again, ARR tunes are meant to be listened to a few times before they grow on you and pretty much don’t leave you after that. It mustve been my mood for upbeat at that point and no patience for melancholy. So when I caught this song – Kahin tho Hogi – last evening driving back home, it brought a smile to my face. Not only the lyrics hit home in certain subtle ways, but it also took me back to my high school days. I must have been in 9-10th grade when a similar sounding album was released.

Does anyone else also feel that this song


has shades of these songs in it?



Remember Young Tarang? Nazia and Zoheb Hassan’s album. 1984? I remember buying the casette from the Hallmark store in the complex at the intersection of Haddows Road and Nungambakkam High Road. I forget the name of the store, or maybe it was just called Hallmark, but it was a tiny place catering to all kinds of cards, books and gifts, much before Landmark became popular. I know I spent a fortune there buying cards, cassettes. I even remember buying the book “Jurassic Park” after the husband, then fiance, who saw it here and told me what a fine movie it was!

I digress (so what’s new!) but what I found amazing was that after I remembered the bro-sister duo, I went through all the songs that were available on youtube and I remembered every one of the lyrics. Every single one. I was always told that I had a memory for songs, but this absolutely blew me away, as the last time I heard them was really back in 91 or 92 or even earlier, while I was still in Madras. I must have listened to them that many times on repeat! 🙂

It’s hard to choose, but Dum Dum Dee Dee is a favorite. Nazia looked stunning and her voice! The video has her becoming Alice, a sweet hat tip :). Ankhain Milaney Wale particularly appeals for reasons beyond me. Maybe it’s the lyrics, minimal instruments used, or just her fresh face or the sentiments. Am sure most know her for her Disco Deewane or even Aap Jaisa Koi, though I still would stick with the album. Next step would be to go searching for the mp3s.

Such fun to go back! Someone really needs to get cracking on that Time machine!

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10 replies on “triggers”
  1. says: munimma

    o boyo boy! did you bring back some memories. I remember playing these songs again and again (we had the LP then) and dancing away. I haven’t seen the videos. Will have to catch em sometime soon.

  2. says: rads

    Muni: hehe, same here! 🙂
    Videos are quite nice actually..

    Adithya: LOL. Yo, not all who read me are from Madras. In any case, I was hoping someone would help me out with the name of that building, and hence the map! 😛

  3. says: zeppelin

    Dude! I am already sitting here not working and reading blogs, and you had to mention Nazia Hassan. arrrrggggh!!! 🙂

    the only song which I know that both sung was – ‘Tere Kadmon Ko’ or something like that..

    Disco Deewane is my all time favourite… grew up listening to these thanks to my shippie Dad.

    march 06 was the last time I visited home, and as i was strolling through the Music World in Spencers, I didnt even care what songs were on in, but I bought the only available Nazia CD. 🙂

    if you know of any place to get Nazia’s mp3s, plisss to share the info… 🙂


  4. says: zeppelin

    oh and I just remembered – “Dil mera yeh kehta hai, ki tum mere ho…” is the first line of another favourite number of mine.

    sorry about the spam gush… pardonez moi. 😀

  5. says: rads

    lol, no worries. I actually enjoy such gushes! :p Mainly coz I am a gusher too, and I realize this whole gushing is becoming so scarce around here.

    This one and the ‘lekin mera dil, jo ro raha hai’ is from Disco Deewane album. They were such lovely numbers, soft in a peppy way, not ghazal-y :))

    Sure thing@mp3’s. No luck yet and I’ve been on it all morning 😐

  6. says: Priya

    Kahin tho…is my fav song of the album, the lyrics and the tune are so magical! When you said Disco Deewane, the version that came to my mind was the remix, sung by Shaan I think, even the first video, Sun sun…also was remixed and thats the one I know! When I played the song, I was thinking, isn’t it supposed to be faster with more instruments :)) lol. So yes, it did trigger me back to the past but not the distant past :))

  7. says: Praveen

    Kahin tho is lovely.

    I only remember Disco Deewane and Aaap Jaisa Koi, listening to the others for the first time.

    Love that part of Nungambakam, have a get together with friends on Haddows road coming Monday :). The happenning place there now is a small juice shop and a year old Oxford Store which has excellent collection of books and a nice small cafe.

  8. says: Praveen

    Is jawane jaaneman Nazia Hassna too??? Namak Halaal the film I think.

    Looking for the above mp3??? 🙂

  9. says: rads

    Praveen: No, Jawane Jaaneman is our Asha Bhonsle 🙂
    Thanks! 😀
    Take pictures of the place 🙂

    Priya: lol@distant past. That’s coz you’re still a baby 😛

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