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Anyone know of any good beading basics and jewelry making blog? Like really extreme beginner? With pictures. With sweet patient ladies who hold your hand and walk you through each step? Just like the gazillion basic food blogs that are out there with measurements and teaspoons and pictures etc.

I am in desperate search of a new hobby, and this sounds like what I should be doing. Shut up and sit still and learn some patience. It may have something to do with the fact that I have a drawer full of colorful baubles that someone who enters my being and makes me buy at those gem shows that I get dragged to once a year.

The husband’s right. He claims everything I do lasts either for 3 months or 3 years. He calls it ADD and I call it flitting like a butterfly sucking honey from so many wonderful flowers out there! A butterfly can go poof! in the air any second right? Right. Yeah, so am getting out there and trying ’em all. Can’t trust this life what with tsunamis, and recessions and women carrying 12 babies and all..

Apocalyptic signs …

I know what you thinking. I am thinking the same too. Where the bloody hell am I going to find TIME to sit still and do this? I’ll find time, I don’t know how or what and when, but I will.  ..and once I feel better with this itch, I’ll quit and donate it all to that nice group of ladies I see outside the gem show cackling excitedly at their finds. But I got to go try this now. The bug’s bitten.

So anyone? As much as I hate using my blog entry as a Craigslist ad, hey, you poor things read me and love me enough to indulge me right? I promise I’ll put up pictures and for all the girls out there, think of the earrings and bracelets that may come your way for the holidays! Stop smirking, they’d be fine enough to wear. I have impeccable taste 😉


Thank you!

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