This post on Blogher, had me laughing and chuckling hard. Coz, well, most of it is a deja vu, to so many of us who have this separate online blogging life! Now, before that brain of yours starts cycling overtime, it’s just not me okay, as much as I’d love to believe am unique, there are a gazillion women who have all read that post and chuckled and tee-hee’d embarrassingly and silently. Yep, just read all those comments on there if you don’t believe me.

That said, am not saying I am guilty of ALL of them, but that list is really only partial. There are more to add on to the life that is of a woman who is obsessed with blogging:

1. Like burning the vegetables on the pan coz WordPress was having this PMS moment and just not loading the lovely picture you Instagrammed and found the perfect effect for.

2. Or the time when you are sitting at the restaurant and cannot help overhearing a particularly strange conversation and you are tucking all the relevant words into that secret writing-a-blog-post part of your brain. All this while looking like you are having a blast with whoever else is unfortunate enough to share your table.

3. Then there are the times when you pull out your phone to take pictures of the food being prepared coz well, the WHOLE BLOGGING WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW how you made a PBJ or something equally inane. Coz I mean, MY PBJ is surely better than your PBJ πŸ˜‰

4. Or the time when you sit staring at the empty screen wishing that words appear magically at your fingertips creating this awesome post that everyone will just fall in love with.

5. Or the numerous times you check your email coz I mean, how can folks NOT want to comment on that fine post you slaved over last night? (this was pre-2010, coz the new style is to not comment, but to just stalk)

6. The time when you suddenly become very knowledgeable on various cities and towns and cultures and families across the globe without ever leaving your comfy couch, coz you’ve been doing some insane reading Β and blog-hopping!

7. Or the time when you unwittingly mention “Shake-and-bake-mama gave me this recipe, isn’t this amazing? So easy too” and have the whole dinner table stare at you like you just spoke Mandarin or worse like you lost all your marbles.

8. When you sit late into the night doing two-finger typing at crazy speeds that your daughter peeps over and says with dripping sarcasm “wow, mommy’s rocking the 2 finger typing!” and you actually preen in complete delight and happiness. That IS an achievement ok? Thank you!

9. When you watch SNL and go “nah, I can write a better scrip that that. Also, what’s with the cast, surely she sucks at her character, and the do.” *snicker and sneer* , coz I am most definitely funnier than the awesome writers on TV!

10. When you rush to the laptop to at least quickly jot down the day’s particularly happenings as soon as you get home. Even before you hit the potty. Yes, it’s THAT important. You non-bloggers will never get it. That’s what makes us chug and that’s why you read us. πŸ˜‰

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6 replies on “blogitis”
  1. says: paatiamma

    πŸ™‚ Could totally identify with the points 3,6, 7, and 9…I have not become an obsessive blogger yet…But it makes me happy when a nice blogger who’s blog I admire had dropped in a lovely comment..Nevertheless..Blogging does bring some like minded people together..And a huge section of the blogging world I do believe are reading and bookish types as well who have wonderful personalities which are brought alive with the words they type on their blogs

    1. says: rads

      hahah, this was a nostalgic flashback to the time when I was genuinely obsessed with blogging. Think a ton of us were. 2008-2010 were the golden years. The quality was impeccable on the net. Even I liked reading what I wrote :))
      But yeah, it morphs and it’s all good as long as one is enjoying it I think.

      Also thanks πŸ™‚

  2. Ahahahaha These are so true! My family had to endure several burnt meals! I have also made my hungry family wait for a few more minutes before digging in because I haven’t gotten a good shot yet! LOL
    Thanks for the ping back! <3

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