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Ok, today’s been a roll. I mean, work’s intense with reports, meetings and what not, it’s like people woke up and realized they’ve been eating and growing larger, and decided – guess what, we need to work, so at least the stress would make us sweat off the fat!, but it’s been a roll.

Here’s what happened

It started off with a small teeny book that a colleague circulated.  This is the book.

No, I can’t post pictures, what with it being NSFW [Not Safe For Work] and let’s face it almost all of us are lurking from work 😉

I know, you are gonna ask me if it isn’t safe for you to see, how is it safe for us to circulate, at work? Good question. It is. Safe, I mean. I was kidding. Click on it. Be brave. Oh right, wait, did I forget to mention that it was for the girls. Only.

Yes, it is titled “Porn For Women“.

Before you let those engines running off bersek, and I know where you are letting them run, this isn’t anything like the swimsuit calendars you guys dream of, actually maybe swimsuits are lame, and I refrain from saying the magazines in case I get thrown out from work, but well, to a certain extent it is. I mean there are some nice hot looking guys in there and they pose well with just a hint of the taut 6 packs showing under open shirts, and the really gentle long fingers as they hold fine objects in their hands. They also have dashing cute smiles with deep smoking eyes boring into you, but then there’s more.

I can’t believe am saying this, but what the guys are doing or saying to us with their eyes is what turns us on. Yeah. So there.

Some of you lucky babes may not find it that amusing, but it is to us starved ones. The kind who’ve been married forever, yes, after 10 years it is forever, last I heard that was the cutoff – and well, definitely for me, this is a book that provides new meaning to ‘rolling on the floor laughing’ . Of course it also begs to be handed out to the Honey. The honey that doesnt and won’t take a hint when we toss our hair, or show some skin, or a lopsided smile with eyes that speaks volumes, or even the blatant – let’s do it – doesn’t really work. Maybe, just maybe this book could work.

But then again, I mean, which guy ever asked for directions, or cooked a grand meal, or dusted the counter tops, or told us to have another piece of cake coz we were thin. Even if we were thin, there’d always be someone thinner or curvier or more hmm.. endowed somewhere hovering around in the recesses of the brains anyways.

But as they say, if you can look, so can we 😉

..and so I present the cutest eye candy in the current cricket scene who can bowl looking good doing so, can smile, can even shake a leg and look good on the floor. I mean, he totally stole the show from SRK!

[Pri if you’re reading, yes, yes your man’s cuter, shhh]



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21 replies on “candy 1”
  1. says: bApHoMEt

    I think I understand what you mean when you say – “I can’t believe am saying this, but what the guys are doing or saying to us with their eyes is what turns us on.” This is because, unknown to women, we spend a lot of time practicing the eye-language in front of the mirror.

    And honestly, all the porn in the world can never match up to a nice graceful woman walking wearing a saree.

  2. says: parijaatha

    This guy definitely dances well! But nobody steals the show from SRK unless he graciously lets them!:P

  3. says: rads

    Pari: aha! SRK fan eh? :p

    SK: That’s SRK’s new look. You have seen stills of OSO rt? 🙂

    Zhu: Hehe, only married fora while folks would appreciate that book 🙂

    BPSK: Are you playing post tag with me? :p

    Baph: Seriously? Woman in a sari? ..and how old are you again? :O

  4. Nice post, Rads. “what the guys are doing or saying to us with their eyes is what turns us on.” 😀

    Reading through the comments for this book on Amazon, many women say the same things as you. Interestingly, the same group of authors are publishing a new book, “Porn for New Moms.” 😀

    Also posted a follow-up on my site. 🙂

  5. says: some body


    i thought i saw dude in the beginning of the video – i thought srk was gonna intro him through the video.

    check out this interview – nice.


    isn’t it our breakdancer sreesanth? wonder if nel wants a copy of this video for his locker room!

    – s.b.

  6. Loved that post! If porn means having those fantasies being played out which haven’t a snowball’s chance in hell of happening in real life, then this is porn, for sure. My wife is now threating to make me dust the furniture, the wanton babe!

  7. says: bApHoMEt

    @Rads: Yes, Saree. Aah, the sight of pretty girls going to temple draped in white double sets. And all those pretty aunties at weddings. And all those girls in my school and college decked up in silk and kasavu for celebrations requiring traditional attire.

    I’m old enough!

  8. says: rads

    Pavan: That’s the idea 😉

    Baph: Oh yes, Keral Style saris/mundus are quite beautiful. 🙂
    I didn’t mean to ask if you were Junior, but more like are u sure you aren’t a Senior? 😛

    Then again, I am more confused now than before. 😐

    Naren: Thanks! lol@wanton babe 🙂
    Check this Post! Perhaps an incentive to abide by some of those fantasies will shine through? 😉

    sb: Thanks, but no thanks. My eyes are on Sreesanth. He’s cute. period. EOC 😉

    Ruhi: He’s Sreesanth. Hot desi bowler on the cricket team. 🙂

    BPSK: Thanks 🙂
    Yes yes, action is the buzzword!
    btw, did you love to play alphabet tag game while on long drives with your family. You know the game rt? 😛

    Terri: Right on. 🙂

  9. says: bApHoMEt

    @rads: just because i have a more sophisticated taste in women’s clothing doesnt mean i am old/senior. you see, the saree has two main advantages-
    1. it reveals enough to be sensual.
    2. it covers enough to be modest.
    (of course, all this will have to revealed and covered only on a fine looking woman. otherwise, the effect can be quite disturbing)

  10. says: Pri

    awwwww sreesanth is absolutely adorable in the video! and yes vvs is prettier but i’m very sure i dont want to see him even attempt to dance. he doesn’t even dance down the wicket. not that he needs to.

  11. Read that post. I wouldn’t admit it to my drinking buddies except under duress, but I’ve done similar now and then. The wifey, being cynical, usually sees an ulterior motive, but sometimes, there isn’t.

    The funny thing is, as I get older, I find myself less hostile to the idea of helping with the chores. It might be the realization that at my age, with my looks and with my physique, it might be difficult to find another of such delightful mien.

    Then again, it might be love

  12. says: rads

    Naren: lol@cynical – well, most wives raise an eyebrow when husband behaves outa sorts 🙂

    It is love. I mean, what else can it be? 🙂

    Pri: My thoughts exacly! But see, Sreesanth has a bad boy image to him as opposed to VVS. No? 🙂

    Baph: Remind me not to wear a sari when and if we meet. After using words like disturbing and such – can’t afford therapist bills for such a young you! 😛

  13. says: rads

    DS: Oh but then your conscience knows 😉

    Silvara: Girl, you have your endorphins kicking fine and dandy, you don’t need no such book 😉

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