Had Chinese takeout Thursday evening and at the end of the dinner, each of us gleefully opened our fortune cookies. For the most part none of us like what we get. We then proceed to change it. Sometimes it’s an exchange, mostly it’s a complete swipe. The stronger one claims control over the more coveted saying. We then launch into a debate on how we could use the sayings and somehow manage to successfully squeeze it into our life. It isn’t hard. A little bit of creativity and some muscle with some quick wit can make you grab the funnier, better saying.
Unfortunately, there are times, even when you offer your fortune with a bribe, like perhaps slip in a $10 bill along with it, nobody wants your saying. It can only mean one thing: boring. Wicked, philosophical, funny, interesting and even outrageous are the ones in demand. If they do not fall under any of these, they are deemed good, and good, let’s face it, is always boring.

yes yes, what fortune
yes yes, what fortune

Fortune: “your laugh and enthusiasm pleases those around you”

That’s what I got. A boring one. I was stuck with it on Friday, when neither did I laugh much nor sound enthusiastic for the most part of the day, but apparently I did to ones around me. Two distinctly different people told me in two different conversations that I cheered them. Should be good for the (my) soul right? Yeah, it is. Most certainly it is. Made my heart flutter and smile visibly. Involuntarily it got loud, as I believe that’s all it takes to drown a whisper beneath it all.

One that asks a question that has neither an answer nor the fortune to be spoken and so remains unheard.

Irony, thy name is Cookie.

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11 replies on “cookie”
  1. says: terri

    You know how you’re supposed to read cookie fortunes, right? Now add the end tag “in bed” and read it again 🙂

  2. says: maxdavinci

    i dont get the whole deal behind fortune cookies. They taste horrible and have stupid one liners inside.

    One instresting thing though, all the countries fortune cookies are made at one place only and packaged n then sent out!

  3. I think it is the same effect as the Railway station Weighing machines in India 🙂 I somehow don’t like chinese, the sesame oil smell makes me dizzy.

  4. We have some nice ones here in Mumbai. I was once told “You is a tiger in a rat’s uniform”. Another time, I was assured that “Fame and fortune awaits those who”. Till my dying day, I’m going to be thinking about that.

  5. says: rads

    naren: LOL. What a cliffhanger! 🙂

    Dinesh: lol@railway station weighing scales. But that didn’t stop us from weighing ourselves rt? 🙂
    sesame oil eh? I don’t think they use that as far as I can tell out here. I’d find it strong too.

    max: No kidding! Nice tidbit 🙂

    Adithya: Right. It’s all a ploy 🙂

    terri: Yeah, I tried. I believe am quite the grumpy one in the mornings, the kids complain.

  6. says: bg

    I had a Chinese takeout on Friday and my fortune read out ” Charity begins at home and justice begins next door”.

    I don’t what that meant.Really..

  7. I almost totally rely on orkut to provide me with meaningful insights about life… Todays fortune at orkut: you will inherit a large sum of money!!

    Boy did that make me happy!! 😀

  8. says: rads

    Whencut: LOL. Orkut’s so useless it needs a brand new definition!:D

    bg: See it’s simple, they want you to give your chinese food to your neighbor, and justice will be served. You owe them 😉

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