If you are from Madras and thereabouts, then you know what CT is. Correct, it’s a cheap thrill. What? You are from Madras and you don’t know? Too bad. You need to move states.

Anyways, I had a CT moment this evening. An hour before I wrapped a silk sari and went off vethalai pak, sundal rampage across town, we finished up our Sunday evening FLL meeting at home. I host and coach my son’s Lego league. Host more than coach, at least up until today, all I was delegated was to crack the whip occasionally between reminding the number of days left for the competition and do the mommy thing at 8 boys. 7 boys plus one dad who got suckered into coaching with me. I think he did wonderfully the last 2 weeks with me not hovering around. They would peep in, say hello, and scurry like rats from a cat into the basement which I could not climb down due to my very swollen bad knee.

Today, I dove right in.

It was excellent. 2 hours flew by just reading, analyzing the missions, lego attachments of various parts, logical methods of approaching the missions and basically brainstorming. I spoke less, asked more questions and listened more. Everyone had something to say, and it was discussion around the makeshift lego grid placed on the ping pong table. It was heady excitement. One could tell just by the intense look on the 12 year olds boys faces that the gears were moving inside. Arguments, a whole bunch of ‘why-nots’ flew around us. Ultimately, it was like we were strategizing for war. A worthy couple of hours spent.

I come up with a glow on my face to see husband and daughter raiding the refrigerator.

Me: Oh man, I love Lego league.

Daughter: *choking on her yogurt*: Mom, did I hear you right?

Husband: *ducking his head into the refrigerator so his guffaws couldn’t be heard*

Me: *puzzled* yeah, why?

Daughter: You actually are getting excited about Lego league?

Me: Yeaaaaaa, why, you like legos too right? *still puzzled*

Daughter: er. Okay. Mom, you will henceforth be known as your son’s mom, and not my mom.

Mom: What? What did I do? *mock shock*

Daughter: Mom, cmon. You just said that you love lego league. Do you know who loves legos?

Husband: yes, yes, tell her!

Daughter: The nerds do mom. It’s the nerdiest of the lot who love legos and sit there hours together piecing those thingamajigs.

Me: *grin* So, what you saying now? That am a nerd?

Daughter: *slapping her yogurt down on the counter, hands on hips and explaining to me* Geez, Do I have to spell it out for you? I am a nerd. Dad’s a nerd. Bro is a bigger nerd. Now look what you’ve done! Here I was just telling my friends that you were a cool mom!

Me: *walking towards the door to wave goodbyes* Yess!

CT Score for tonight:

Cool mom – 0
Nerd mom – 1

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13 replies on “CT”
  1. says: maxdavinci

    yay! I get to differ now…

    Personally I think being un-nerdy is better esp if your family is heavily nerdy. It brings some balance and a difference of opinion.

    Its always better to have a fresh pair of eyes look at anything, and since all nerds think alike….

    catch my paaint?

  2. says: Daisy

    er.. I think being a nerd is cool these days.. My 17-year old high school going cuz was thrilled to learn that I could talk in his langauge- ie.e dicuss about Wii games, xbox and other cool gadget stuff..he was so schoked to know that I love to read endgadget every day! he goes “geez akka you such a nerd, just like me!!” with a proud smile 🙂

  3. says: Roshni

    (sigh!) Here I am struggling to come out of the nerd-scientist image and there you go diving right in!

  4. I love Lego League (Regd. Trademark with a circled ‘C’) and I take pride in being a nerd! I still play with my aunt’s neighbor’s kid’s Lego set, sometimes landing in a fight with him over it! Oops! Did I reveal too much? 😛 😀
    But still proud to be a nerd! So, I’m on your side! You go Nerd Mom!!

  5. says: bpsk

    “Me: *walking towards the door to wave goodbyes* Yess!”
    We used to call it VB – vetti bandha :p

    Geeks stopped being uncool about five years ago. Embrace your inner geek.

    Btw, did you mean to say geek and not nerd? I happen to believe there is a difference between the two terms:p

  6. says: rads

    bpsk: Enna vetti bandha? Adellam nothing. I was seriously feeling quite thrilled. 😀

    There is a difference as sb would love to point out as well. Now that you point it out, geek is what she meant. Leave the poor kid alone already! 😛

    Stitha: haha, another lego freak eh? Nice! 🙂

    Roshni: O, but am just a visiting nerd. I don’t stay at a place too long :p

    Daisy: lol, being smart in your head is becoming cool 🙂

    max: Engeyo poyite :p
    Yes yes, I balance them all out very well. For a second I fooled myself thinking I belong to the crowd 😛

    Dinesh: She knows 🙂 She loves teasing me.. it comes very naturally to her.

    SK: heyy! I thought you were there too! 😛

    Naren: 🙂

  7. Oh my god, this new “more” thing just made me miss some of your older articles !! Annyyyywayy, in lines with today’s twitter conversation 🙂
    Gradwolf and I perceived a shreya golu doll to have a pink labcoat and nerd glasses on, in a lab 🙂

  8. says: rads

    schmetterling: LOL@shreya doll! Let’s hire mattel? 🙂 Sweet tho.. maybe I could work ona clay version 😉

    I know, please read and motivate me. Am already gasping at straws! 🙁

    KK: yesyes, Navratri Tamilians do golu 🙂

  9. Yea…i know even we are doing it right now..and enjoying whole lot of verities in Sundal every day..even u can come here and collect your vethalaipak,sundal with a gift(might be any steel utensil)

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