CC and I are friends, I imagine. We rarely talk. He is a busy guy, has a gazillion things to take care of than to involve himself in easy banter with a maami across time zones. Yet, that doesn’t stop me from bothering him at all odd hours. He is a man of few words and out of sheer politeness would nod, smile and play along with my whines, cribs and sulks of the day.

Sometimes we exchange links to articles, photographs etc. I am in awe of his pictures, and since Ive told him that enough times, he’s promised to give me a few frames when we meet in Chennai! Yay!

In return, he asks for my opinion on certain articles, and me, completely stumped on why he‘d care for what I think would play along anyway. Like a dutiful person wasting time on the internet, I would read and stammer a few what I imagine are wise words, that he’d obligingly accept. He called me brainy and beautiful one day. Completely floored despite it being a white lie, I continued on, fearing to question his judgment further, and to read an article which not only puzzled me immensely, but also cracked me up (it’s his latest post btw!).

Then, a few days ago, he sent me this link.

I don’t know anyone who is suffering from it, but that is no excuse for me to flip through an album or site and walk away unaffected. There is no personal angle to this. Just a need to share and see if it makes a difference. The pictures within spoke more emotions than I knew I was capable of.

Am sure it would for you too. Click on the link for it drives home a point that all of us need to be jolted into.

Then click on XDRTB.org and do what you feel is right.

Thanks CC!

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12 replies on “XDRTB.org”
  1. I saw the site a few days back. Actually saw it while looking for James Nachtwey, he’s the photographer. He was awarded the TED prize for the images. http://www.tedprize.org

    Its scary to say the least. Not only the images, but to know that its a huge threat that can go out of hand anytime!
    Having seen patients suffering with MDR-TB, I can only imagine how bad XDRTB is!

    Am glad its gaining a lot more awareness!

    The pain about TB is not only the disease but the social stigma associated with it!

  2. says: rads

    Max: Of course girls like compliments. They ought not be followed by an immediate statement on the lines of “may I borrow your pen” or “read/review this article for me”, then yea, it’s such a lie :p

    All: Yep, I read about it a few days ago, and it’s hardly any fun.

    CC: Boy’s version of truth is debatable :p

  3. Multi-drug resistance is a common phenomenon in nature. Worms, mussels and other sea-organisms have a wide variety of these multi drug resistant protein pumps. In humans, the leading cause of chemotherapy failure in cancer(and particularly breast and ovarian cancer) is multi drug resistance – the body, in it’s effort to keep toxins out, uses these MDR protein pumps that bind these substrates(in the case of cancer – it’s the drugs), and jettison them back into the blood stream. TB and AIDS are two other diseases that are affected by the presence of MDR pumps. An effort to combat the extreme drug resistance has been to find a compromising hydrophilic/hydrophobic nature of the drug to let it go relatively unscathed by the pumps.

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